Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wednesday 6th June 2017: "A Surprise Delivery"

I apologise for no blog yesterday, not only did we go out in the evening, around the time I would post the day's events, when we arrived home I had problems uploading pictures from the camera, problems which are still unresolved, hopefully Hubby can get it sorted for me!
Back to yesterday, it started with me hunting down more slate chippings.
I finally found them in stock at the third supermarket, but it worked out well as just as I walked up to the crate where they were, I saw a friend from church who work at this store, he was just on his way back in from a break and saw what I was after, so saved me one load of lifting and put them in the trolley for me...kind man!
That meant I only had to lift them into the car, back out of the car and then into the garden!
Phew, glad that's over!
I then filled up the empty spaces and am pleased with the finished look.
I do however wonder how much upkeep it will take to keep it looking so nice.
The slates of course require no upkeep, but I am wondering what they will look like when we mow the grass ( all those cuttings spraying everywhere) and the leaves etc fall over over them in the autumn.
Well I shall just have to wait and see I guess!
I then called in to see my next door neighbour two doors along.
We have shared many experiences over recent years with our late neighbours, and I haven't seen her since coming home from Australia.
What started out as a quick cuppa, ended up a two hour long chinwag!
She lives alone, so I expect was glad of the day being broken up a little.
When I eventually got back home, there was a surprise delivery waiting for me!
It was from my friend, saying thank you for her washing line!
I get regular updates on the line ( photos too!) she really is thrilled with it...I can't help thinking what a trick her Hubby missed by not getting it for her years ago...imagine the "Brownie points!"
The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on chores, before heading out with the Teens to meet Hubby for a drink.
We were going to a missionary report meeting, which wasn't too far from work, so it seemed silly for him to battle rush hour to get home.
Instead he had lunch at work ( lasagne, chips, salad, garlic bread for £2.50 and a free pudding!!) and we met up at TGI's
The Teens had fancy milkshakes, and I had a Mocktail, Strawberry Fields.
Mine was very pretty and very tasty HOWEVER, when the drink was gone, the glass was almost full to the top with ice, so most of my £3.80 was plain old ice!!
I almost asked for it without ice as my teeth are a little on the sensitive side to really cold time ( if I can justify a next time) I will definitely say no ice!!
We all enjoyed the report, which was on aid provided in Romania, as usual we came away feeling like millionaires. Its hard to comprehend the poverty ( real poverty) some families and elderly people still live in ( walking miles just to get fresh water for example.)


  1. Mum always says no ice but then changes her mind right at the last minute -so that she knows most of the glass is drink!