Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Shade Is The Place To Be Today!

Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was just being a lady of a certain age, but last night no matter how hard I tried, sleep did not want to come!
I had to be up early as well so really really really wanted to get some shut eye in!
Eventually it must have come as there are three hours unaccounted for!
But at 6.30am I had to be up to get the Jam Jar puds ready for our day out.
First up I had to make up the labels as I ran out of energy last night for doing them ( should have taken them to bed aye!)
Then it was time to make up the puds....Oreo sundae...

....chocolate muffin sundae...
...and of course the rainbow jellies.
I did more choices last year but decided to do less this year because of the extreme heat  expected.
I knew there would be several other desserts on offer and these jam jar ones don't do well in the sun, they would just be puddles at the bottom of the jars!
They all went and the jellies went first!
I am always surprised when people choose would be my last choice I think!

We had gone to Berkshire for an all day Young People's Bible study day.
There must have been well over 100, and the sessions were very good and every hour there was a food/drink break, except for the afternoon when we had three and a half hours.
Lunch was four chicken dishes, two of which were curry...mmm, we all love curry in my family.
During the long lunch break Teen One sat quietly under a tree doing course work...
...and I saw nearby quietly doing my knitting, in this extreme heat it really was very pleasant to just spend the day sitting inside in the cool, or out under the shade, with no food to worry about cooking. I did of course help clear up, but it was all at a very leisurely pace.
Whilst I chilled under the tree, other, more energetic ones  were in the sun playing rounders...
...whilst more sensible ones play swingball in the shade....
...or Frisbee
Its always lovely to catch up with folk, some of whom we only see once a year.
We learnt that one of Teen One's old tent leaders, and her Hubby ( who shares cousins with us) have just been accepted for adopting and are awaiting a couple of little ones being assigned to them.
They have chosen to have two siblings under five, quite a challenge I expect, depending on the age and reasons for being adopted.
They certainly were very excited about the prospect.

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