Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pulled Pork Sundae?

The mornings start early at the moment, getting Teen One into school for just before 8am.
Whilst I am always up early, I am not in a rush to get showered and dressed, I put myself last in line for the bathroom as I don't generally have to be out as early as everyone else.
But for the next few weeks I have to get in and out of the bathroom quick and be dressed by 7.30am...its like being back at work!
Of course I don't mind, what is a 7-10minute  car trip would be an 50 minutes walk and a longer bus ride as there is no direct route there.
Teen Two was having to miss his break at college today as I had booked his speech therapy session  at the wrong time by mistake!
Like the rest of us, a drink and snack during the working day is something he looks forward to, so to go straight from a mornings hard work, to more brain thinking work was a bit of a blow for him.
But I couldn't change the session as he had the dentist in the afternoon, so instead I decided to take him home a McDonald's breakfast as a treat!
It must be about a year since I last did it, and his face was a picture!
Way more value ( and cheaper!) than that glass of ice I had last night!
The morning was spent tackling, what I hope is the last coat of the purlin beam...
...and kitchen cladding.
When the builder puts the rest of the plasterboard up in the conservatory there will of course be a bit more painting to do, but for the moment that's my bit done.
Next up was to make some fresh playdough for Parent and Toddlers tomorrow.
It's quick and simple to make and costs very little indeed
500g (100g) plain flour
250g (50g) salt
5 (1) teaspoons cream of tartar
5 (1) teaspoons cooking oil
750 (150)ml water
food colouring
Put flour, salt cream of tartar,oil in a saucepan and give a quick stir round. Add 1-2 teaspoons ( adjust to suit) food colouring to the water. Add the water to the rest of the ingredients and stir thoroughly and continually over a low to medium heat. The playdough is ready when the dough has thickened and leaves the sides of the pan almost clean.
Remove and leave to cool.
Leave pan in soak for a few hours, then it will wash with relative ease.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Lasts indefinitely!! I have never had a batch "go off."
Although we had been promised rain, by lunch time there wasn't any, so I had to revert to hosing the new turfs.
I have been letting the bunnies have a bit of a munch ( still carefully supervised) and they don't seem to have harmed it in anyway, and as Hubby says, just how much grass can they little tummies hold!
I read recently that grass cuttings(as opposed to grass they eat from the ground) are bad for them...funny that isn't it?
Teen Two came home lunch time, for his dentist appointment, to fix a broken filling.
He has a lovely dentist and I  wish she were mine!
For lunch I made him something we had seen at TGI's yesterday....pulled pork sundae!
We happened to have had pulled pork for dinner yesterday and as Hubby hadn't needed a dinner I had more left over than usual.
The sundae (not sweet you will be glad to know) was layers of pulled pork, mash potato and melted cheese ( with bacon as well I think, which I didn't bother with) it looked and smelt yummy!
He certainly enjoyed it.
The rest of the day has been the usual pottering, getting this and that done, and like my friend, enjoying seeing my washing blowing in the breeze!

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