Thursday, 8 June 2017

Now This Sounds Like My Kind Of Challenge!

Today at Parent and Toddlers it was my turn to do the activity.
We made butterflies as you can see, folding half of the card over, so only one side is painted, then folding back the clean side and opening up to see a perfectly symmetrical butterfly appear!
Easy peasy of course, but to little ones its almost magical.
Depending on the age and understanding of the little one there are various opportunities for turning this into a really simple learning activity.
Talk about the colours they are painting with, that a butterfly starts off as a caterpillar, has the same pattern on each side etc.
Back home it was time to catch up with some ironing and various other chores...
...then time for some "me time."
Several days  (and evenings) have gone by without me picking up my knitting needles, not that the sock novelty has work off...I have just been too busy or too tired!
So this afternoon I took an hour out to put my feet up and cast on the stitches for sock number two, using West Yorkshire Spinners Passion Fruit Cooler shade.
The first few rows are always fiddly so I am glad they are out of the way.
Whilst looking down the channels for something to watch at the same time, I came across the Springwatch Red Button Channel.
We all love Springwatch, although have missed a fair bit of this series sadly, but the Red Button Channel is just live shots of cameras set up around the  reserve.
I am sure some may find it rather boring, but with my cuppa and knitting needles in hand, it was like sitting in the countryside, hearing the bird song in the back ground and secretly watching the birds in their nests, all from the comfort of my armchair!
I may have lived in a city all my life, but there is little doubt I am a country girl at heart.
With Grandma and Grandad now living in Lincolnshire, our familiar family visits to Devon are now a thing of the past, and we are looking forward to making new memories in pastures new.
From time to time this week I have been googling "things to do in Grimsby."
I was surprised when suggestions for places to visit were over 30miles away!
Something I thought might be a bit nearer to home was going out for tea/coffee...always popular in this family!
I had started to compile a list ( only two on it at the moment!) and was going to run them by the family already living there to see if they were worth visiting....but reading FQ2FF tonight it seems Grandma and Grandad have already been set a challenge  to try out 12 new tea shops in 12 months!
Sounds like a fab idea and we look forward to road testing them too!

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