Monday, 19 June 2017

It's The Taste That Matters!

In this heat, Morrisons was definitely the best place to be!
The air conditioning was wonderful and I overheard one of the assistants say, for the first time she couldn't wait to get to work and wanted to stay as long as she could!
I couldn't resist buying this roll today, I should have put something  else there for comparison, but trust me, its the size of a frying pan!
There were also burgers the same size, but at £3 I decided I could make my own much cheaper!

Teen Two did some baking....
...he had this for Christmas but we keep forgetting about it.
It looked easy enough, but I had a sneaky suspicion they wouldn't be as easy as they looked to make!
The pretzel antlers refused to stay in, so we glued them together with melted chocolate, the eyes also didn't want to stay on, so I melted each chocolate drop on a warm plate...boy was that fiddly!
The end result look more like a cross between Zingy the EDF mascot and a teletubby with the TV screen tummy with their hair in rollers!
Am sure they will taste good no matter what they look like!
For lunch I retreated to the shade of the gazebo, although it wasn't particularly peaceful!
The builder arrived for the last stage of the work in the conservatory, and had his radio on full blast.
Now he was very considerate and offered to turn it off/down, but I wouldn't hear of it.
He was working hard and I was just chilling, so it didn't seem fair.
I started another pair of socks and had the builder not been around I would probably have sneaked in a few more rows, but instead I went back indoors to tackle some jobs.
The builders project today was to plaster over the old exterior painted walls which surround the inner part of the conservatory....
..and he worked very hard all day, in the intense heat, and all alone as his "lad" didn't turn up.
It's making the place look so much better already!
Needless to say, I ensured he was well hydrated throughout the day, supplying endless glasses of iced drinks.
Teen One had her final assessment for this academic year and passed, with compliments from the tutor on how she answered some of the questions.
Only 4 days to go and that's her first year at Uni finished!
A lovely long summer ahead of her.

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