Monday, 5 June 2017

It's Raining It's Pouring!

This morning started very early for me.....4am!
No idea why I should wake and be so wide awake, was it the daylight? Was it the beautiful dawn chorus?
No idea, but no matter how hard I tried, I just could not drop off to sleep again.
When Hubby's alarm went off at 5 something, I decided to call it  night and get up!
I actually rather enjoy being up early, everywhere is so quiet and I get so much done and still have so much of the day left!
However  I am rather bleary eyed now!
I dropped Teen One off at school, wishing her well for her solo whole class maths teaching session.
It was supposed to be a shared session, but her partner isn't in this week.
Tomorrow her tutor from Uni comes to observe.
The builders came in around 8.30am to see if they could find the source of our leak the other day, but no matter how much water they poured down, there wasn't a single drip!
They have assured us that if we do have another leak they will come round and if necessary put up new joints.
I am very impressed with their eagerness to ensure we are satisfied customers, one hears such awful stories about cowboy builders.
With the builders on their way, Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager.
She felt well enough to come to Morrisons with us, which is great, its the only time in the week she comes out I learnt!
Over the past few weeks I have resigned myself to not having any flowers in the garden, whilst we have the bunnies.
Last night however I had a mini brainwave...what if I had hanging baskets instead?
I could still enjoy the beauty and colour of various flowers and they would be way out of the bunnies reach!
In Morrisons today they had these pretty fuschia hanging basket for £5, so I  thought one a week at that price won't break the bank, and hopefully this particular one will last more than one summer...if I am careful!
A friend called in for a cuppa during her lunch break, and we actually managed to escape the showers and sit in the garden.
She is still thrilled with her washing line and loves to watch her clothes "dancing in the breeze."
During the afternoon I cracked on with some housework, whilst Teen One tackled some maths homework....
...we then tackled some SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) work together.
Our subject was "friends" looking at the difference between
Best Friends
Good Friends
Online Friends
For most of us we can separate all these people that we know, and probably draw up a list for each group, but this is not so easy for Teen Two and can be a minefield, leaving him rather vulnerable.
Finding the balance between teaching your children to be trusting, yet not too trusting is no easy thing.
With our work done, Teen Two and I went into town.
He has wanted to visit the Virtual Reality game set again, and we just didn't manage to fit it in last week, so I left him in Game, having the time of his life, whilst I went for a wander round town.
As I was walking through Wilco I saw these on the end of the aisle!
Plant pots for hanging on fences!
They are made of sturdy plastic and I thought would be perfect for my new venture!
Hubby had expressed concern about a bracket and heavy basket hanging from the fence ( so recently put up!) but I think these will be much better, sitting close to the fence will mean less stress, and also they are not as big as a standard basket.
Once I have his full approval (code: I have persuaded him its fine!) I will get a couple more.

 Soon after collecting Teen One from school ( and hearing the teacher was pleased with her session) the heavens opened.
Normally rain would be a disappointment, but not today however!
I am so pleased to see it pouring down...all over the new turf!
It will be one less job to do tonight and will also no doubt give it a better soaking than the hose.

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