Thursday, 1 June 2017

Happy Birthday Teen One

Last night was one of those sleepless nights that plague us all from time to time.
I put mine down to the coffee I had when waiting for the car to be serviced...should never drink coffee if its not decaff these days, it always keeps me awake!
At 3.30am I hadn't managed to drop off, but must have soon after as the next thing I knew it was 7am and builders were outside our house digging a hole in the pavement talking at the top of their voices!
Pretty soon after Teen One came in and I bleary eyed handed over the bag of pressies for her to open on the bed, just as she has done since she was a little girl.
She had a collection of bits and bobs from us, with a Pandora carriage charm as her main present and also an "Experience Day" for later in the year.
It's from The Perfume Studio, and she will design and name her own perfume, the recipe of which will be kept on file and she can reorder it any time should she wish.
After some pottering around in the morning, we headed out to Southampton just before lunch.
She may be 19 today, but is still not too old for a McDonald's Happy Meal!
It was then time for some Retail Therapy.
Primark came up trumps as well ( we like our Designer labels hee hee!)
She bought two easy care summer dresses, lovely and light, easy to wash and no ironing.
She has one already in the same style from last year...
...this plain one is a lovely lemon and looks much nicer on with the belt sitting properly!
After much walking round, we decided to stop for some gelato to cool ourselves down, the sun was really getting quite hot!
The old city walls are very beautiful in Southampton,  and also lovely and cool to walk through!
We had parked in Ikea's car park, so before heading back to the car we made the most of their
free drinks for Family Ikea card holders.
It was a welcome sit down and lovely comfy leather chairs, watching folk pass by, I really do love people watching!
We left Southampton around 4pm and headed back down the motorway to meet up with Hubby near to where he works.
Teen One chose Frankie and Benny's for tonight's dinner treat, I always love the 50's music in there, I grew up listening to as my parents were teenagers in the 50's and the like of Ricky Nelson were played over and over again.
Teen Two bought a fidget spinner finally, having hankered after one since seeing them.
They are a lot of fun I have to say and this one occupied us whilst we waited for our meal to arrive, seeing who could make the longest spin, or pass it from one person to another without stopping the spinning, as well as one or two other innovative games.
£3 well spent. It's the sort of thing that if left on a table, when someone is sitting down with not much to do, or watching TV, would find irresistible to fiddle with.
Back home there was just one more thing to do....sing her Happy Birthday!
I am pleased she didn't have to spend the day working, infact she has rarely had to go to school on her birthday, something I always hated doing when I was small, waiting for the special day to fall on a weekend was an eternity!
Happy Birthday to our very special daughter.
We never would have thought from the noise she could make as a little one,
she would grow to be so quiet!

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  1. Happy Birthday Teen One - it looks like you had a lovely day!