Saturday, 3 June 2017

Getting Green ( or Muddy!) Fingers!

This morning, as planned, before the day got too hot, I went into the garden to finish off raking the soil, ready for the turfs being laid.
Like everything it took way longer than I expected, but when it was finally done, Hubby and Teen Two made sure the ground was level
Next up for me was to move the rabbit hutch ( with some help) remove all the wood chippings and then lay this weed control mat, before laying the slate chippings
It became clear pretty soon that the three extra bags we had bought last night still wont be enough!
However it looks a lot better already, Teen Two cleaned out the hutch as well, so everything looks spic and span in that area now...
...within seconds of the hutch being put back in place, Benjamin Bunny came to inspect everything
Teen One made us some pitta bread pizzas for lunch, whilst Hubby laid the new turfs and I watered them in
Hubby and I enjoyed our lunch in the garden, firstly because it was such a beautiful day, but also because we were so filthy there was no way we could sit anywhere indoors!
Next up was laying the final three slabs to widen the path.
Sadly one of our recycled slabs got broken, so we had to buy another one, which of course looks nothing like the old ones ( I knew I should have gone with Hubby!) however it will serve its purpose for the moment.
So here we have the end result of a hard day's work.
Despite painstakingly levelling the ground, with the turfs laid it still looks a little undulating, but hopefully this will level out (fingers crossed!)
I have hankered after a pressure washer for a while and can see a purchase coming up sometime, I think it will bring the slabs up better than the hose, and also the patio, for the time being its a lot better than its been for a few months!
The turfing cost less than I expected just under £40.
We can see a couple of areas have suffered from getting a little dried out at the DIY store, but for the most part they look lovely and healthy, all we need to do is keep them that way!
Watering three times a day is recommended,  a good dose of rain would be perfect too!
What I haven't shown, is the endless bags of earth I have bagged up all day and dragged out to the back of the garage.
I can't believe how much has come out of such a small space!
I am looking into the most affordable way to get rid of it.
Last time we had soil to dump I advertised it on Freecycle and someone was very glad of it...not half as glad as I was to see it go, hassle free!
But having seen lots of advertised soil not taken in recent weeks I am not so hopeful this time.
I looked into a Hippo bag and was surprise how expensive they are ( over £100)
With local recycling centres charging for soil and rubble these days, £2.50 a bag, I need to work out how much  it would cost, in time and money ( and effort) but for the time being its on the back burner!
Tonight is going to be a chill out with some knitting night I reckon!

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