Monday, 12 June 2017

From Feeling Frustrated To Feeling Humble

On my visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager today I had set myself a mission...a rather delicate mission!
Grandma from time to time visits our mutual friend, but hasn't been for some months, mainly because she needs to use the bathroom before leaving to return home, but the loo has been in dire need of a clean.
How does one approach such a subject?
Initially we hoped that one of the three daughters would notice and get it sorted, but when we learnt one stayed over recently and by the look of the loo it hadn't been dealt with, we assumed it wasn't something that they had noticed.
Not wanting to offend our dear friend, but knowing how much she has missed her visits from Grandma, I decided I needed to do something about it, tactfully!
So, armed with a collection of cleaning materials, on arrival I said that I was on a spring cleaning mission at home, so thought I would treat some of her house to the same treatment.
She wasn't a bit taken aback (phew) and after our usual chit chat, I braved the two bathrooms.
I have to say, I wasn't looking forward to it and the work was hampered somewhat by the disabled seat that has been attached.
Despite using copious amounts of limescale remover, bleach, scrubbing brushes, and toilet cleaner, sadly the limescale has grown so thick, it was impossible to remove and will need an industrial strength acid to make any difference.
Also, the bleach didn't make any difference to the staining.
However, the seating area is now spic and span and the pedestal, and it smells much fresher,
so I shall tell Grandma it is surface clean and the "dirt" is just staining.
I must say I did feel rather frustrated not to have made a better job of it.
Teen Two and I did our friends shopping with our own, dropped it back at her house, then back home for some lunch.
At the weekend I made the mistake of hosing down my car, whilst hosing down the front....when the car dried it was covered in dirty drip marks!
Wish I hadn't bothered, it looked better before the hosing down!
So after lunch Teen Two and I headed out to use Tesco's hand pressure washer.
Frustratingly it was closed off, so a wasted journey and still a dirty car!
Whilst there were frustrations today, there were some satisfying moments, like getting three loads of washing dry on the high line...
...creating a tasty meal from left overs for the Teens
(chicken, pepperoni, chick peas, spinach, mozzarella cheese, BBQ sauce, in a tortilla got the thumbs up from them both!) ...
...fitting in a bit of sock knitting whilst dinner was cooking...
...then receiving two emails from retired friends we only see rarely,
both for some reason paid the Teens lovely compliments  (which I haven't as yet shared with them)
when referring to Teen One, one friend said "she is like a quiet stream that you can sit near and relax breathing the scented air. Her company is delightful. You have two special children!!! "
The other friend said how well Teen Two was maturing, and what a sweet girl Teen One was.
I apologise for the "proud mummy moment" and feel very humbled if the truth be told, that such lovely things should be said.
We never knows how others perceive our children do we, so it was lovely to read those almost poetic lines and certainly banished those earlier feelings of frustration.

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  1. How lovely to receive such compliments - well done x