Saturday, 10 June 2017

Family Fun Day At Work

Today was Family Fun Day at Hubby's workplace.
All kinds of free activities were laid on,
Teen Two enjoyed the inflatable assault course...
...and Hubby enjoyed showing us some of the projects he has worked on
(not allowed to show actual items sadly)
Another activity was to make a paper plane, attach a small motor and whoever got their plane to fly a given distance, won their own motor...
...only a few days before learning of this activity I had found this pack in our bookcase, so we made a plane before going....
...on his maiden flight...
..he flew further than any other flight all day!
We will have a lot of fun with this little motor I can tell!
Teen One sadly didn't have the same success!
A free BBQ was part of the day, so imagine my excitement when we went to join the queue and saw the sign of the caterers van...
...but sadly it was just a burger....a pretty good burger I must admit, but I am not a huge burger fan so was a tad disappointed as pork is one of my favourite meats!
We also had a free bottle of pepsi!
Next up was a tour of the factory, with yet more enthusiastic explanations of what each part did, and Hubby's involvement in it.
Back out in the sunshine, the Teens got to hold Bilbo the kestrel...
...he really was a beauty.
Water has always been one of Teen Two's loves, so playing fireman was right up his street!
As was this supersoaker!
Whilst Teen One amused herself making a daisy chain
just like when she was a little girl.
A Tug Of War had been planned for the afternoon, and the Engineers had been hoping to hold on to their crown, but sadly not enough turned up on the day so it was cancelled...shame as we had looked forward to cheering Hubby on.
Mid afternoon Hubby and Teen Two headed up to Guildford to watch Robot Wars Live Show,
Teen One and I took a wander round nearby Dunelm Mill and then found a little country lane behind the stores to explore.
Walking through we saw a teeny tiny bird...hopping around the bark of the tree, my first thought was it must be a tree creeper, and having checked out the RSPB website I think I was right.
Its so tiny you can barely see it just below middle of the shot.
Such a cute little thing.

Back home it was time for a cuppa and one of those naughty caramel waffles
a bit of knitting and generally chilling.


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