Sunday, 11 June 2017

Double Blessings

It was lovely to wake to bird song and sunshine this morning...and here we are gone 8pm and we still have sunshine and birdsong, I love these long summer evenings.
In between has been a peaceful, usual kind of Sunday.
Church first thing...
...followed by roast chicken, with some pretty spectacular Yorkshires, the kind where no two were alike, but they sure did rise and joy of joys, just lifted out of the tin like puffs of air!
Sometimes they have to be prised out with a knife and more stays in the tin than comes out!1
The afternoon was our usual games fest.
In the week we had received Teen Two's annual report from his Speech and Language therapist,
a couple of highlights below were very encouraging and we couldn't help thinking were as a direct result of him having played word games with us every weekend for well over a year now...
Understanding of Language
 "Teen Two's result on this language assessment demonstrates significant improvement in his understanding of vocabulary – his score shows improvement beyond what would be typically expected in the timeframe. His difficulties in this area would now be classed as moderate, rather than moderate- severe"
                                                            Use of Language

"Teen Two's score on this subtest indicated skills within the average range (Scaled Score: 11) and showed an improvement on his previous performance beyond what would be expected."

                                                            Playing these word games introduces words that are not in every day use and give us an opportunity to explain the meaning of words ( no point knowing the word without its meaning!) So whilst these sessions started off to fill a void in Grandma's life, it has had the unexpected bonus of benefitting Teen Two.

                Double blessings!


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