Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bunnies Under Strict Supervision!

How sad to wake to more terrible news this morning.
To start with I wondered why someone had posted "old news" talking about an incident on London Bridge and it was a real shock to read this was in fact a new tragedy unfolding.
Our thoughts and prayers go to all those who have lost loved ones.
The morning continued for us in its usual routine ( and how blessed we felt to be able to do that,) with church first thing, followed by lunch.
Whilst I cleared up the dishes, Grandma went to admire the new garden arrangement...
I followed soon after with my knitting, it was a lovely peaceful afternoon, with a light breeze to keep us comfortable
We decided to let the bunnies out under STRICT supervision.....I want the turf to have time to get established before they start nibbling on it
I was relieved when they decided to just chill!
Whilst the rest of us played the usual board games, Teen One spent the afternoon preparing for a teaching session tomorrow...
...and tonight she has papers everywhere waiting to be laminated.
I imagine this is going to become a familiar scene!

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