Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Back To The Painting

After the usual school run with Teen One, I had about an hour to do a few chores before heading out to college for Teen Two's EHCP review meeting.
I can't say I ever look forward to these meetings, as I find often nothing very much is achieved, other than some very quick box ticking.
I was saddened to learn that staff seemed quite unaware of a big chunk of the strategies set out in the EHCP, something the Speech therapist had warned me she felt was the case....and despite my gentle drawing their attention to three mentions of specific intervention work, it was glossed over and we were whisked on to the next part of the agenda.
Having sat in many such meetings over the years, I now reluctantly accept help is not going to be forthcoming and get on with doing the best we can ourselves.
Statements/ECHP's all look very good on paper, but the executing of it in every day life for one reason or another just doesn't seem to happen down in this neck of the woods.
He is so near the end of his education life it just doesn't seem worth upsetting everyone and insisting certain things happen.
Oh well....moan over!
With that meeting thankfully over for another year, it was on to B&Q for some paint.
Whilst there I saw a clearance corner and of course couldn't resist a peek.
I bought three of these large containers of lawn care....for just £1!
Seeing as we have gone to the trouble of laying the new turfs we may as well try and look after it better than we did the last one...which rarely even got watered!
I spent the afternoon touching up the paintwork in the downstairs loo....the paint had started to crack, in between the cladding...
...hopefully this coat will be the final one.
Part way through the afternoon Hubby came home.
He had a tooth extraction ( pre cursor to an implant) and wasn't feeling too good.
After a lukewarm cuppa with plenty of sugar and a nap, he started to perk up a bit.
I went back to the painting, looking to change this sunshine yellow, which was on the conservatory doors when we moved in 23years ago...
...I wasn't sure what colour I wanted....other than it needed to be fairly neutral, and went for duck egg blue in the end.
I only intended doing a small patch of the door, but it went on so quickly and easily ( and no rubbing down either...naughty me!) I did as much as I could without getting too near the window.
I am hoping, with the white walls and black floor tiles it will add a gentle modern touch to the room.
I plan for a stay at home day tomorrow to hopefully crack on with some more painting.
Its been a lovely day, and I have really enjoyed wandering in and out of the garden to put washing out, get it in, water the turfs etc.

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