Friday, 2 June 2017

Another Meal Out!

This morning I was rudely awakened by very loud speaking builders outside the bedroom window again...however unlike Hubby, I was able to turn over and go back to sleep again!
I finally came too around 9am! Unheard of for me!
Once up it was on with the usual chores and some shopping.
Teen One spent the morning preparing for her placement next week, the sofa was covered in books and papers!
After lunch she enjoyed some down time with Teen Two, playing Wii sports.
Once Hubby was home from work, he and Teen Two set about ridding the ground of moss, and also what little lawn was still growing.
I took charge of the raking, but the heat was so intense, gave up with about a third left to do.
Tomorrow morning will see me out there finishing it off hopefully!
If the local DIY store has some healthy looking turfs in we will lay them tomorrow, then spend the next few weeks watering them in no doubt.
We would never have tackled this on an ordinary Friday afternoon, so it was good to make the most of no Kids club.
We then headed out to Southampton, yet again, for yet another meal out!!
Decadent or what!
Eating out is a treat in our household, one that we indulge in more than ever before, but generally with a reason to celebrate rather than a "just because" moment.
Friends had recommended a buffet restaurant, where foods from around the world are served.
We hadn't managed to fit in a time to go out for Hubby's birthday last month, and as tonight was free, we thought, well why not now?
Needless to say it was a hit with everyone, although for Teen One and I its not so much
"eat as much as you can" as "choose as much as you can."
We really can't eat more than a meals worth, whereas the lads don't have that problem!
The desserts are very family friendly, and come in bite size portions mostly.
I didn't manage to get through this lot I hasten to add!
Our walk back to the car park was through an Asda store....and look what I saw!!
The same bags of slate chippings a pound cheaper!
We needed three more bags, as there is a new area I want covering, so made the most of having two strong men with us to load them into the car!

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