Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Another Day To Count Our Blessings

Like everyone, each day brings along little worries or irritations that can flood the mind, but today, those worries were once again put into perspective when I saw on the news the awful night many in London had.
Not only an awful night, but a long day and for many a life that will never be the same.
This time yesterday hundreds of people had plans and homes, many no longer have anything and an unknown number have lost their lives.
My thoughts and prayers are with the many caught up in this terrible fire and my deepest respect goes to the emergency services who have put their own lives at risk and worked tirelessly.
With a grateful heart, I got on with my plans for the day, to crack on with the painting.
Preparation, they say, is key to a good job, and that is one of my failures.
If I must tackle jobs like this, then I just want to get on with it and get it finished.
But today I did my best to do a proper job and bought some Frog Tape on the way home from taking Teen One to school.
Both doors have now had two coats, although a few fiddly sections need doing with a smaller brush.
I also painted the inside of the doors, and the framework, although was rather irritated to see I had overpainted some of the blue with white so had to touch it up again....I really am a messy painter there is no getting away from it!
My friend called in lunch time, which was a welcome break, and we enjoyed the beautiful weather under the gazebo.
In the afternoon I started on the other two doors, and will get Hubby to take the ironmongery off later so I can quickly paint over those bits.
I am hoping next week the builder is coming to put plasterboard over the original brickwork, so my
painting challenge  will continue for a little while yet.
I had hoped to get the thresholds painted today but have run out of enthusiasm!
It has been very warm working out in the conservatory, however, before the glass went up there is no way I could have worked out there at all, the heat and glare from the sun would have made it  a no go area, so I am really impressed with the new roof.
Hubby had a good night with (or should I say without!) his tooth and went into work as usual.
Once dinner was in the oven, I took some time out to rest my aching feet and do a bit of knitting.
I am looking forward to the day I can just sit in the conservatory and knit, instead of paint!

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  1. I know the feeling about the painting but, as you say, at least we have something to paint!