Friday, 9 June 2017

A Bitter Sweet Bargain!

This morning started with the usual early morning school run for Teen One, then onto Lidl's.
They had some lovely plants out today, so I bought one pot, which had two well established plants in, which have fitted perfectly into the new fence baskets, for just £2... another hanging basket, again for a has around five different plants in it, so should look really pretty when they all come out.
As a few of our turfs from last week were not terribly healthy, I suggested to Hubby he pick up another one on the way home, to replace the dodgy bits with.
When he went to pay for the was a pound!!
Imagine how cheaply we could have turfed the lawn for had we waited a week!!
However, there is no guarantee they would have had any turf left had we waited ( and had we known of course) plus, tomorrow there will not be time to buy and lay the turfs anyway...but I still cant help feeling bittersweet over today's bargain!
When Teen Two came home from college, he helped me drag all the soil we had dug out of the garden last week, from the back of the garage, round to the front of the house...
... and transfer it all into a skip bag.
I had looked into getting a hippo bag, which costs on average £10, then to have it taken away is £119!
I found a local firm who give you the bag for free and then take it away for £45!
I decided to tackle the front room ( or room of doom!) just to make some paths to walk through if nothing else ( yes its been THAT bad!!)
In my sorting, I came across this wind spinner, which my cousin in Australia gave me on our recent visit.
I will think of her, and the lovely beach BBQ we had when she gave it to me.
A couple of days ago FQ2FF blogged about buying some essential oils, which inspired me to buy some too...not least because I had just received an Amazon voucher for a piece of Market Research I had taken part in ( testing cans of cola...and yes I got paid for it!)
If you order 4 you get one free, and that worked out to be just about the value of the voucher and postage was free too!
I chose Rose, Lemon, Watermelon, Gingerbread, Fresh linen.
I let Teen One smell each one "blind" and other than thinking watermelon was apple, she got the all correct!
Fresh linen she said smelt like washing....can't top that aye!
I have put a few drops of rose on my plug in air freshner, which was pretty much dried out and can already smell the rose.
I will save the gingerbread for Christmas time and I think the Fresh Linen I will use in the conservatory.
The others will be good for ringing the changes.
At Friday Club we used the left over butterflies from yesterday, but letting the kids paint it completely.
Back home with a cuppa I have just been watching Gogglesprogs, I really love those kids!
I particularly loved their reaction to "Grease" having seen it many times as a teenager and owned the album, I was always secretly disappointed at the changes Sandy made...but as a teenager I didn't like to admit to my friends I preferred her in her lemon skirt and cardi to the black leather outfit she ended up in.
As an adult I have voiced that thought many times and aside from the great tunes in the film, don't care much for the morals or lyrics.
I was so pleasantly surprised when all the kids tonight  felt it was a sad ending because she had changed....and didn't like the morals of it mature of them!
Great one gogglesprogs, I am your number one fan!

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