Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mum Can I Trust You To Do Something?

This morning I was awake bright and early.
Hubby had to take Teen One to the bus stop for 7am as her lift wasn't going in to Uni today.
With the sun shining and birds singing I had a burst of energy for things I usually leave till
I started by washing the back windows ( thanks sun for showing up the dirt again!)
Then cleaned the oven, washed the floors, put the washing out, then loaded the car for a dump trip.
I don't know how we have so much stuff accumulating, although most of this was garden waste.
Close to the dump are a number of interesting shops, Hobbycraft, M&S, Laura Ashley etc,
I mooched around, saw lots of lovely things, but refrained from buying anything!
I then popped in to the Tesco nearby to buy quilted loo rolls for Grandma, its the only sort she likes and Morrisons were clean out of it yesterday.
Thinking back to yesterday's gynae issues (yes gents, time to look away!) it occurred to me that another of Grandma's issues might be making her current condition worse.
Grandma has a very sensitive bladder and if we had to pay a penny to spend a penny, it would cost her a fortune.
I wondered if excess use of loo paper might be making things worse for her problems, so looked at the Aloe Vera and Shea Butter versions of Andrex.
I bought both and suggested she give them both a trial, using only one sort until it had all gone and see if she is any better.
One can only try!
My first job back home was to make pancakes for tonight, but before  I got in the house a neighbour saw me arrive home and called me in.
She hadn't seen me for a while and wanted a catch up on our little life.
She used to hear all we were up to from our late neighbours, so I popped in and before we knew it nearly two hours had passed!
I finally made it in the house, but within minutes a friend called in, so that was another hour gone, having a cuppa and catch up...but finally the pancakes were made.
For me it will be the last one...which is always the smallest, with some lemon juice and sugar,
the family will demolish the rest of the pile, with a variety of Nutella, lemon curd, jam, peanut butter...you name it, they will put it on one!
As for the title of today's blog?
Well just before Teen Two went to college this morning he asked
"Mum...can I trust you to do something?"
Whatever could it be I thought....doesn't he know he can trust me??
"When the Wii U says it has uploaded, can you press this button here and turn it off?"
Phew.....I proved trustworthy!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Time For Some Gynae Talk....Gents Look Away!

This morning I was up bright and early and cracked on with the housework as I had a friend coming for coffee.
Before she arrived I had to fit in my usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager and also Morrisons.
My friend arrived with her little granddaughter and Teen Two brought in the bunnies to show
Little One.
She wasn't keen to stroke them, but was happy to brush them.
We had a happy hour or so catching up and laughing at Little One making herself at home.
With several loads of laundry at different stages, I went upstairs and cleaned our bedroom windows, pulled out the furniture to vacuum behind and clean the skirting....what has come over me!
This afternoon I had to taken Grandma back to hospital for the results of her biopsy.
The following paragraph is for ladies eyes only, so any gents still reading, you have been warned!Grandma is in her 80's and for some time has been sore "down below."
Various steroid creams have not got rid of the problem and the doctor decided to refer her incase anything more sinister was going on.
Thankfully today we learned the biopsy  was clear, no cancer or pre cancerous cells, so that was great to hear.
The lady Gynaecologist explained that down below is like a face and needs hydrating as our hormones decrease.
So, just as we hydrate our faces with cream ( ahem....guilty of not doing that!) we should also do down below as the skin thins with age.
E45 is the perfect cream, for many things she said, including down below.
Used once a day should be sufficient.
What was rather scary was, she has seen some ladies who have "fused" together down below due to dryness and they have been unable to pass water ultimately, so a little procedure is necessary to make an opening again!
So.....get that E45 on ladies and save yourself trouble in years to come!
The Gynaecologist said she did not want Grandma to use steroid cream regularly as that has side effects, but to persevere with the E45 to reduce the symptoms ( they can't be removed completely) and she will see her in 12mths to see how things are.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Blog You Could Write Yourself!

Today has been a typical normal Sunday....you could write this yourself I think!
Church followed by...
...a roast dinner....
...followed by our trio of games...
... a little nap for the oldies then some light tea before going back to church.
Sorry not to have anything more interesting to blog about!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Enjoying Good Company and Good Food

This morning we had a leisurely start to the day,
with nothing planned until lunch time...
...which was lunch out with friends at a Chinese buffet restaurant.
The Teens were really looking forward to it as on Saturday's they have twice the amount of food
(as if there wasn't already enough choice!) and a chocolate fountain!
We all had a great time, with great food and Little One really enjoyed her chocolate soup!!
Having finally lost ten pounds  (what a struggle that has been!) I did my best not to over do it and managed to avoid the carbs, but dread to think what the scales will say for the next couple of days!
Teen Two now wants to go back there for his birthday treat in a couple of weeks!
Teen One was a great babysitter, following Little One around when she was bored in her high chair.
The "five minute job" Hubby started last night was needless to say, a longer job than anticipated...
...however the lions share has been done, and there is just the edging to be done.
It will just need waxing afterwards, I didn't like the original varnished finish.
This afternoon I could have found things to do, but was in the mood for some knitting and TV watching for a change, so indulged myself!
Teen One had coursework, Hubby made a start on his Bible Class lesson and Teen Two honed his Wii skills!
Mid afternoon the phone went, it was the Community Police in response to the trouble we had at church the other week.
They wanted to know the times of our services, in particular the children's club, so that if they are free, they will send a Bobby along to see if there is anything they can do.
It was nice to know they cared and can't you bet we wont see hide nor hair of the trouble makers for a while now!
Tonight we are going to a Bible teaching meeting, one which Teen Two in particular has been looking forward to as the preacher has a particularly dry sense of humour which really appeals to him!
We have been invited out to supper afterwards, and as we are still stuffed from lunch so skipping tea, will probably be most welcome....but I think I will refrain!
Finally....the owners of the little trike came in the morning...I just happened to see them from the upstairs window, so I am glad that has gone back to it rightful owner but am none the wiser as to why it was abandoned so close to home!


Friday, 24 February 2017

I Wonder Why?

This morning was a flurry of housework, shopping and laundry before going to the cinema at lunchtime...
...its been a much awaiting film in our household
Lego Batman.
Hubby met us there from work and it was hailed a huge hit
well by three members of the family!
I did enjoy some of the humour, but the rest was a bit too
action packed for my liking!
Before going out I had put a bag of rubbish out, just as a neighbour was trying to access her garage via the driveway at the side of our house.
She called out to me to help....someone had abandoned a pretty new looking kiddie bike and she asked if I could move it for her please.
We were mystified as to who had put it there, but knew there was a family with two little boys further up the road, maybe one had been playing out the back and left it there?
Anyway, I decided to leave it in our forecourt in clear view in the hopes someone would collect it later
When we arrived home from the cinema, this note was in our porch,
explaining they had to abandon it and would be back to collect it later.
What I can't fathom out is why they would go home ( presumably) for a pen and paper to leave me a note, when they could have just taken the bike back home....they only live around the corner!
How weird?
Anyway at least we know it belongs to someone and they will hopefully be back to collect it later.
I didn't manage to fit in my usual work out yesterday, so made sure I did one today after so much sitting down in the cinema!
Teen One also updated her Wii Fit profile...needless to say she is bang slap in the middle of
that elusive "Perfect Weight!"
Hubby and Teen Two also updated their profile and needless to say noone of hit the
"Perfect Weight" range, but everyone has lost weight since they last
"weighed in" which is at least over a year for the boys, so that's not too shabby is it.
With no Friday Club tonight we plan to play some board games...although right now the table we will play it on is out the front being sanded down, which Hubby assures me is a quick job!
Its one of those "five minute jobs" I have waited about two years to be done so I will be thrilled to bits to see it finally done!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dodging Storm Doris

This morning I noticed that my Valentine Rose was just about dead,
but the petals still had a lovely colour, so I pulled them off the stem and am storing them in this tea cup until they are completely dried...and as this cup is kept in a glass cabinet, it may be I keep the petals in there permanently as I never use this cup and saucer.
It occurred to me it wouldn't be too difficult to create a personal pot pourri using leaves and petals from special gifts and I may make this the start of such a collection.
A foster carer friend has a teenager for this week, on respite, so we arranged to meet up half way for a game of bowling.
Being half term there was a "meal deal" included, which made it cheaper to book with the burger meal and two games than just the two games.
I went with the intention of only eating the bean burger I had pre ordered, not the bun or fries....
...however all did not go to plan and I am now foregoing any dinner to reduce the damage!
Teen One did well with her strikes...
...as did Teen Two...
..my friend and her visitor also did well....even I managed one!
The only thing that spoilt the day was the fact the lane kept having issues, the skittles came down fallen, or didn't get taken away, or the barrier didn't go up, at one point a pair of legs appeared to remove a trapped skittle...it did make us laugh, we hadn't expected to see anyone from behind the machine!
We were there for three hours, which was way longer than it should have taken and no doubt there were other groups waiting for our game to end.

We then went our separate ways, with the Teens and I heading for the shops.
Teen Two always likes to see what Menkind has in store, and today he enjoyed trying out the massage chair....
...whilst Teen One and I enjoyed the piano playing of a young man at the centre's
grand piano.
Looks can most certainly be deceiving, when I had seen the young  man a few minutes earlier in the shop, he looked a little on the rough side.....I never would have imagined he could play spectacular classical pieces of work!
It was AMAZING and such a complex piece...and of course no music to read from.
It was a joy to stand there and listen to him.
As for Storm Doris, well we have well done to dodge her path today.
On our way to meet my friend we saw a lorry pulled over on the hard shoulder with part of its load having blown off.
My friend was a little late arriving for bowling as a tree down had blocked the road, causing a diversion around town, and on our way home, just a road away from our house a tree was down, but thankfully a team of experts had removed most of it by the time we were there, allowing traffic to move, albeit a little slower than usual.
We are grateful to have been kept safe.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Another Day Another Tea Shop!

This morning we stayed home, watched a DVD, ate popcorn, with a little bit of knitting of course!
For lunch Teen Two was meeting up with one of his groups at Pizza Hut,
so Teen One and I went in search of a new tea shop.
We found a lovely one on a nearby sea front, which was INCREDIBLY windy!
Storm Doris has most certainly arrived, we could barely stand straight!
The Tea Shop was lovely, with pretty wallpaper ( and little blue tits!) pretty mirrors...
...pretty chandeliers and French country style dressers to house the scrummy cakes.
Each table was different, and no two chairs appeared to be the same, some were grand looking, some quite ordinary, but altogether it looked very chic.
No two pieces of china were the same either and altogether it was an eclectic mix of
chintz and chicness!
I ordered a passion fruit and orange tea, which was delicious!
Often fruit teas smell lovely but give little flavour, this gave both.
I had soup again ( and bread!) which was a very tasty Sri Lanken chicken soup, a little spicy and rather Moroccan tasting ( my geography is bad....maybe they are near each other!)
Teen One was rather impressed that I knew the name of my tea plate and bowl (Summer Chintz)
....and also hers...Royal Albert Old Country Roses, she needn't be too in awe...I doubt I could name many more!
She enjoyed her cheese and tomato toastie and was able to finish off her salad today!
I noticed a couple nearby have a high tea arrive...it looked lovely!
We looked around a local gift shop and gallery, but managed to keep hold of our money!
Back home, with Teen Two collected, I decided to sort out my bag.
I was actually looking for a free Ikea voucher ( to no avail) and found some jumbo sultanas at the bottom...but couldn't remember buying any...then I found a plastic bag and tried up stalk and remembered taking a bunch of grapes out with me some MONTHS ago!!
The gerbils can enjoy them now I think!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Still Knitting Those Socks!

This morning we had a slow start, pottering around the house, staying in PJ's longer than usual etc,
then at 11ish we collected Grandma for a treat out in the country.
We had taken her to my favourite tea rooms back in September for her birthday, but were disappointed to discover cooked food is not served after 3pm, so we promised her a return visit
I always love the fresh flowers they have everywhere, these old mustard tins always look so attractive and every visit I always take a picture!
Whilst waiting for our order to arrive Grandma completed the crossword...I had intended that we all have a go, but she got carried away with one of her passions in life!
Grandma ordered macaroni cheese, which looked delicious...
Teen Two had gammon and cheese toastie with a cup of soup of the day ( at only £1 extra!)
I too had soup....thai butternut squash and it was almost as good as mine!
I also had the granary bread, baked locally, but not the butter!
Having not had bread for ages it was sooooo good!
Despite not having bread..or any carbs for weeks, or dairy ( yesterdays skinny flat excluded)
I have not lost a pound so was pretty cheesed off and thought
"what the heck" today!
Teen One opted for Chicken, Avocado and Crispy Bacon Salad, which was full of all sorts of things and looked very scrummy.
It was too much for her though, but they kindly gave us a doggy box to bring the rest home in.
We had an extended drive home, going through parts of the countryside we were less familiar with, just following where the road took us.
The snowdrops were out in full glory everywhere and the daffs are about to do the same.
Back home it was the usual essential chores, followed by my mini workout
Last night I finished the "Pheasant" socks....not sure about the colours really....
...and have now started the "Blue Tit"
I think the colours of both shades are accurate, and maybe its the grey that is too dominant for me on the Pheasant pair....am thinking the yellow may lift the grey this time round.
I only have one ball left (Bullfinch) and will then have a massive blocking session!