Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Leaky Conundrum

This morning was one of those rare lie in mornings...and when we drew back the curtains and returned to bed with a cuppa, we were treated to this beautiful rainbow...although of course that also meant rain....
...which meant another leak in the conservatory!
There is rather a mystery as even when it rains hard for hours, like last night...there is no water to be seen, but several hours later a little tiny drip starts and then continues for ages.
The builder is coming back next week to flood the roof and see where the leak is...but he did that before and nothing came through, so I suspect the same will happen next week.
I will have to see if he can see where water might be stored up to then trickle through eventually.
Its a conundrum for sure.
I had a couple of goals today, one was to try and remove some old grout residue from the kitchen and attic bathroom tiles.
I wish I had known the existence of this stuff when I grouted the walls, I am sure it would have been much easier!
I was disappointed at how much elbow grease was needed to remove the grout, and I am not sure ( well I know!) I have removed all the residue, but I just ran out of energy!
The tiles do have a lot more sheen though, so at least I have something to show for my struggles.

Next up was to paint four of the seven thresholds.
I primed them yesterday and very carefully painted fear and dread of getting the black paint everywhere.
The doors from the living room to the conservatory had to be blocked off to prevent the cats from putting their pesky paws on the wet paint.
Upstairs was easier as I was able to shut our more adventurous cat in our bedroom, with the sure knowledge Milly would spend the day asleep on the sofa.
Next week I will do the remaining three, I couldn't do them all in one day as it would have meant blocking off all access around the house, way too much of a risk that a paw or foot would walk on wet paint.
Last night I finished the pair of rainbow socks for Teen One...
...and during the afternoon, when in need of a sit down, I cast one this Heart and Sole yarn for my cousin's daughter in Australia.
We have a little library of vintage Ladybird books, hidden away on a bookshelf, never looked at.
So I thought I would bring out a small selection every so often for anyone to have a peek through...
...and have added them to the conservatory table.
I had to stop myself from sitting down there and then and looking through them...well maybe not the cricket one, but I did have to think of the boys when I was choosing them!
The postie came with my recent ebay purchase!
I thought I would invest in another Find It, but with a less girly colour!
Bargain at £3!
That too is on the conservatory table ( good job it has two layers, its quickly getting full up!)
Hubby's task today was to fit a garden tap, plumbing in to the downstairs loo for the water supply.
Its way too much hard work and hassle to keep fitting up the hose to the indoor tap, not to mention the mess it makes, to have a tap where the hose is permanently attached will make watering the garden so much easier.
Like everything there is planning, youtube watching and purchasing to be made.
So the real work only started around 4pm and of course a new tool had to be bought!
Then an extra visit to B&Q was needed for some cement as our old brick walls crumbled like cookies when the drill went through!
I think this little luxury has tipped the three figure price tag!
But we know have some plumbing outside...
...and plumbing inside!
In a few hours when the cement has dried I think the rest of the fittings can go on.
As its been raining all day there won't be any rush to use the hose tonight though.
I had soaked some dried fruit in cold tea earlier, ready for a tea bread, now all ready to go in the oven.
It really should have been made earlier in the week as its the sort of bake that gets moister as the days go by, and I really want it for tea tomorrow.
 I guess its been a productive day all in all and Teen Two even did the vacuuming for me, so that's one less chore!

Friday, 21 July 2017

From Blogging To Vlogging!

Going back to last night, whilst I finished Hubby's dinner, he set to and sorted our dodgy
flat pack failures!
This morning I was able to experiment with how to fill the space.
I expect there will be a few changes before I settle on what to keep there, and even then it may change, but for the moment I am keeping it simple.
A few books for folk to browse through and a crochet blanket I inherited from next door for if it turns chilly...well more for decoration really! I have wanted it to be on show somewhere, but the black background hasn't suited any of my rooms, up until now!!
It's going to be a lovely spot to sit and relax in...even if it will often be to the song of the washing machine and the usual view will be the washing on the line!
The wall space is still a blank canvas and I will have to think carefully about what goes up, as I don't want to ruin the freshly plastered walls with unwanted holes.
I prefer to decorate the house with things that have been handmade (by myself/family) or have a memory of one sort or the other.
I am not really interested in buying things just for the perfect match.
Shops are full of this that and the other matching and whilst its nice to get the odd thing, I do prefer an eclectic mix of memories.
So, not quite sure what is going to fill this space yet, I keep looking around the house and am sure some inspiration will hit me.
I need to order some small quilt hangers for the little quilts I bought at the hospital the other week, I have a place for one of them at least and maybe the second one will go here with something else.
A few weeks ago  we had a delivery of something and this was part of the packaging.
Hubby explained to Teen Two how much stronger the simple cardboard was because of the concertina middle.
He said it would take some considerable weight to break the cardboard...
...well this set Teen Two thinking and since then he has wanted to conduct an experiment, to see how strong the cardboard actually was, and film it for his new Vlog channel!
So the scene was set...
...and some last minute reading of the script took place...
...before it was "lights, cameras...action!"
There was some debate before hand, about how far apart to have the lower bricks, obviously the closer they were the more weight could be taken, but they decided to go end to end.
It was a lot of fun, and hopefully they will think of more experiments to video during the summer.
With dinner in the oven of Mac 'n' cheese  with bacon, I dropped Teen One off at the ferry port ready for her weekend on the Isle of Wight.
Her cousin is doing work experience over there with Hubby's brother, so our sister in law invited Jenny over to keep her cousin company for the weekend.
The house will be quiet without her.
With no Friday Club tonight, Hubby has been able to tackle a few chores for me, my old washing line is back up (yayyyy!) some thresholds have been primed ready for re-painting ( first time since have we lived here I think!) and a porcelain garden wall lampshade we bought on our honeymoon has finally been put up!!!
Complete with a solar light behind it!
Everything comes to those who wait!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Flat Pack Fury!

I couldn't work out why uploading today's photos was taking so long...I hadn't taken many.....then it all became clear.... Teen Two had borrowed my camera last night and taken a gazillion photos of his Lego models to turn into a short film!
I must remind him where his own special little camera is, especially for such purposes!
On our way to Parent and Toddlers this morning, we picked up Grandma as usual, and she presented Teen One with a hand picked rose from her front garden.
It was in tight bud when we brought it home but has since started to open, cant believe how quickly it happened!
Today was our last Parent and Toddlers for the summer term, aside from returning next week for the annual toy clean and declutter, we have a lovely long break ahead of us.
When we arrived home I was delighted to see my new chairs for the conservatory had arrived.
I had jokingly suggested the Teens put it together for me, but remembered flat pack often comes with minimal instructions and is NEVER as easy as it took pity on them and decided it should be a team effort...
...only four pictures, the last one was putting the cushions of the chair and the one before that the covers on the that's just two steps right???
Well two hours later, with sore fingers, an aching back and heart, blood pressure probably as high as Hubby's, Teen One and I decided we were not too proud to admit defeat!
The chair on the left might look complete...but everyone is under strict instructions NOT to sit on it.
The chair on the right took way less time and looked like being a success, when the very last screw would not reach its final we loosened a few ( having already made sure we didn't tighten them at the beginning) to have the whole thing  more of less fall apart!
That was it.....abandon ship!
So Hubby has received a text saying we have admitted defeat and have left him to pick up the pieces!
I knew it was a bad idea to tackle a blue job, but was wanting Hubby to have a stress free evening after the recent Silicone Sealant Saga...talking of which... main goal this afternoon was to remove all that nasty grey sealant from the downstairs loo,
I figured it would sweeten the bitter pill somewhat if Hubby merely had to redo his work rather than undo it first!
I had seen a YouTube video of a man using WD40 and sealant remover, it seemed that either work.
I was all set to use some WD40 as we had some in the garage, but thankfully Hubby investigated further and it appears the WD40 undermines the surface and any new sealant used is also attacked by the residue, which is very hard to get rid of.
So, I had a little pick at the sealant and to my surprise it came off by hand pretty easily.
Some bits were harder than others, leaving little strip behind, so I rubbed with my finger and that broke down the sealant....but then I thought of a less painful way ( now sporting a blister on my finger!) and used rubber gloves.....then an even easier way...using a rubber!
Its not perfect but doesn't need to be as new sealant will of course be going on top.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Walking On Eggshells!

Well we sure had some thunder storm last night!
Great for the garden that's for sure.
The weather wasn't too special this morning so we decided against an Aqua Park visit and instead opted for a beach car boot sale about 10miles away.
I had packed Hubby up with a  jam jar salad for his lunch and thought I would do one for the Teens and I as well.
Teen Two doesn't like salady stuff, so used up some left over pasta, mixing it up with tomato ketchup and garlic mayo, with some chopped baby spinach and cubes of mozzarella cheese.
The car boot was pretty well attended, but we didn't see anything we wanted to buy, except a glow in the dark fidget spinner for Teen Two and a cake each from a lady who sells amazing bakes.
With the cobwebs blown away from the windy sea front, we returned to the car to enjoy our salad and cake...
..Teen Two really enjoyed his pasta salad...
...and lemon pie.
We popped into a nearby retail park, with the intention of buying Teen Two a pair of new trainers for footy...and ended up buying two casual pairs of shoes as well!
En route home we stopped off for a Belgian chocolate honeycombe frappe for the Teens....I prefer the caramel one which isn't on sale at the moment....just as well I guess!
Back home I pottered around doing bits of housework and some cooking.
I made a lasagne for my late neighbour's son, who is going to have a cataract op on Friday, I thought he might appreciate not having to cook when he comes home.
Teen One spent some time on her artwork, and Teen Two indulged in some bunny hugging.
Going back to yesterday and my need for some diplomacy...well I wasn't sure how to raise the subject, so decided to bide my time.
But then a conversation came up that seemed ideal to introduce the subject in a light hearted way...
...hmmm....lets just say it went down like a lead balloon!!
Walking on eggshells kind of sums up the rest of the evening!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Where Can I Buy Some Diplomacy?

This morning I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager, and have thought today is Monday ever since!
We did our usual visit to Morrisons, but when we arrived she felt exhausted before she had even started to wander up and down the aisles, so I suggested we use the in store wheelchair.
She was delighted with the idea, although a tad embarrassed that "it had come to this!"
Needless to say I didn't mind at all.
The only snag was I had to leave her in the foyer afterwards, whilst I then zipped round and did my shopping as it was too hot for her to wait for me in the car.
Returning to the car, I unpacked both trolleys and then went to take both trolleys back, I pushed one and pulled the other.....the one I was pulling decided to do its own thing ( as they do!) and swung rung 180 degrees and promptly bashed me on the heel...ouch!
Painful was not the word...but I managed to refrain from collapsing on the floor in a heap and balling my eyes out, merely hobbled back to the car as if nothing had happened.
When I finally got home and took a look I realised quite a chunk had been taken out! wonder it was painful.
Now Hubby is home...ever the "Mr Health and Safety" he thinks I should go to hospital and have it glued together....hmm...have opted to put a plaster on in instead!
Whilst I was out, Teen One had her final Pass Plus course lesson, which was motorway driving, and thankfully passed "exceeding" all the criteria, so that's another hurdle crossed.
A close friend of ours is having some car exchanges going on within the family, and one car is surplus to requirement, so they have offered it to Teen One!
I am delighted and terrified in equal measure!
Hubby fitted the downstairs loo in last more having to go upstairs in the day time!
I do have one small problem to tackle though....
for some reason he bought grey sealant....this picture doesn't really show how awful it looks!!!
He is not going to be best pleased when I try and suggest we get the same colour as the rest of the conservatory...which is much lighter than this.
Every time I have seen it today it has jarred on me, I just don't think I can live with battleship grey!
I will need to use every ounce of diplomacy I have to raise the subject....doing things once is bad enough he do it twice is torture!!

After lunch I took Grandma to hospital, as its a new section of the hospital I had hoped it would be air conditioned......err wrong!
It was unbearably hot and I almost gave up knitting, but eventually spotted an open window so moved myself nearer which made the wait much more comfortable.
Whilst waiting I suddenly remembered, in my haste to do my shopping this morning, I had forgotten to pick up bread and had used my spare one from the freezer, so when Grandma was out we popped in to the nearby Tesco.....I saw these pretty patchwork style bags....45p!
I picked up a couple and Grandma bought one too!
Very Cath Kidstone looking don't you think?


Monday, 17 July 2017

Heaven Scent!

This morning was all about using our noses!
For Teen One's birthday present, I bought her an "Experience Day" making her own perfume.
We left Teen Two with a friend, and as it was such a lovely morning, we also left my car there and walked the mile and a half to the village where the salon hosting our event was located.
Whilst this is not at its best, I love the way local authorities are planting wild flowers everywhere, on roundabouts, patches of grass etc. It really is lovely to see and of course good for wildlife.
Our walk through the village took us past old Fire Stations...
and tiny flat fronted cottages, bedecked with hanging baskets and tubs over flowing with flowers.
The session was very informative and we learnt each perfume has a base, middle and top note, giving out different scents at different stages of the day.
We all were given these pieces of paper to smell, and order "like/dislike/not sure"
We also had a tiny sachet of coffee beans to "cleanse our nasal palletes!"
After smelling each one we were also told of some commercial perfumes they were found in.
There were 21 in all and we could have as many in our personal fragrance as we wanted.
Our host was a very gentle spoken lady and I could have listened to her all day!
It wasn't easy picking out the fragrances, Teen One wasn't keen on any of the top notes, so just left that out.
I didn't actually have any in my "like" pile!
I had lots in my "not sure" pile, and was waiting for that
"this is the one" moment to then blend with some of my "not sures."
The whole process took about an hour and a half...and can be as long as two hours, but I think continuing to mix up the sticks would have just confused my choice so I stuck with my second selection.
We get to choose a bottle (upgrading to a diamonte if we want...not my thing!) and then its all boxed up.
The "recipe" is kept online and we can purchase further bottles at a later date if we want.
The other ladies who were with us made up a second batch, using small bottles for their little girls  and named the perfume after them, which I expect will be a real thrill for them.
Teen One chose a pink bottle and I chose a white one, we were also given a feather with our newly designed fragrance sprayed onto it.
It was a very relaxing and unique morning I must say.
We met up with my friend and Teen Two for lunch, trying out a new "Natural Deli" café.
Chicken, bacon and mayo toasties for my friend and Teen Two...
...whilst Teen One had a mezze deli board, which I knew immediately was  going to be way too much for her!
And this was the single one...there was also a sharing one!!
Teen One had a chocolate protein smoothie, which consisted of peanut butter, banana and chocolate!
Teen Two had his usual hot chocolate.
We had a lovely time out followed by a drive in the country....a great start to our first full week of holidays!