Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tuesday Aug 21st: Exploring Dovedale

We had leisurely start to the day, Teen Two sat in the sun whittling away at a stick he had found yesterday, whilst I pottered with laundry, washing up, and packing up a picnic.
We then headed off to Dovedale
The weather was perfect and the sound of the rippling river Dove as we walked through was music to my ears...there is something about the sound of water isn't there?
The stepping stones were fun and reminded us of Tarr Steps in Devon

Teen Two has always loved water and asked if he could get his trainers wet as he wanted to try and bring something in from the river... my mind, wet clothes/shoes are worth half an hours fun!
He was pleased with his catch!

Teen One and I sat on this "money tree" which was the only thing nearby to rest our weary was comfortable to start with, but eventually the pennies start to dig in!
We had set out on this walk for Hubby to take a particular picture ( to follow!)
and having found it, had lunch and generally taken in the peaceful scenery, it was time to head back.
The stepping stones had attracted a lot of visitors by this time and Teen Two took the "short cut!"
Back home our farmers dog Poppy came to play with Teen Two...both enjoyed the afternoon sun together and I enjoyed watching them.
We then decided to have a games fest...starting with Rummikub, moving on to Jenga
then a game our US friends taught us called "Big Boss Little Boss"
Its probably the Teens favourite game at the moment and we spent over an hour playing it.
The evening was relaxing in front of the TV window, taking in all the beautiful hills, cattle and well as bunnies and ducks!
I had taken a break from granny squares to make a quick tea pot cover.
A teapot looks rather bare without one don't you think...especially in a cottage in the country!
I will leave this here for future visitors.
Whilst we relaxed, our hosts sadly were hard at work trying to tackle a wasps nest we had spotted in our roof!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Paradise Walk to Ilam

After a peaceful nights sleep, it was wonderful to wake to the peace and tranquility of the beautiful countryside.
There were the usual morning chores to be done...but with a difference!
How marvellous to be hanging out our washing in such stunning surroundings and just above a beautiful dry stone very different to home!
It's amazing how satisfying I find it hanging out the daily wash, and it is particularly exciting when its in a different setting.
My favourite setting so far was in the south of Spain,  on a washing line hung between two lemon trees.
After breakfast we set off to explore Paradise Walk, just a short distance from our cottage, and leads to Ilam
It was a secluded spot, although we did meet several walkers, but so lovely not to have to hear or see cars for a while!
Our walk brought us to Ilam Hall, set in stunning scenery, complete with a beautiful church
We could see the combination of the lovely day, stunning scenery and a Bank Holiday was going to make this a very busy place, so we decided to have an early lunch.
I opted to have "Cheese and beans Oatcake" which for some reason I expected to be some kind of rissole/fishcake looking item...but instead it was similar to a pancake...with the texture not dissimilar to a crumpet.
It was very nice indeed and I must google what it actually is.
I would have it again for sure.
We had a table outside, which gave us wonderful views towards Dovedale
The gardens in the Park and beautifully kept
We then set off to Ilam itself...which is a very small village and not a shop insight!
The centre of the village is the Cross
The houses are beautiful, and built in the style of Austrian houses
The village school is so sweet
The walk back was just as enjoyable and Teen Two enjoyed looking for stick to whittle.
We had a leisurely cup of tea back home, finishing off those giant oat cookies our host had provided.
Then we had to head for a supermarket to get some food in the fridge and cupboards.
That was not a particularly pleasant experience with roads all chokkablock with cars, lots of hold ups along the way, but at least the scenery was good!


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Enjoying the English Countryside

Today was the start of our family holiday in the Peak District.
We started the morning going to church as usual, then packed up the car and headed for the local drive thru McDonalds instead of our usual Sunday I just had to upgrade my meal to a caramel frappe didn't I?

There is something about being on holiday that makes me throw caution to the wind and splash out on things I would normally consider too extravagant or expensive...such as this bottle of rose lemonade we saw in Waitrose...not only is it a shop I don't regularly (well...ever!) shop was in a service station as well!!
How decadent was that impulse by!
It was however worth every penny...and it was on special offer!
And that wasn't my only impulse would have been a crime to leave this salted caramel chocolate eclairs on the shelf would it...particularly as they were reduced!
Close to our destination, the scenery started to become quite dramatic...even Teen Two looked up and said "wow...nice scenery!"
As we entered Ilam, the nearest village to our holiday let, we could see it was going to be a beautiful place to visit...
...and just a few yards down the road we were greeted with a woolly road block!
It certainly beats pulling in for oncoming traffic down south!
The view from my kitchen for the week is spectacular...washing up will not be a chore and I won't miss the dishwasher a bit!
The living room also has views that will mean there probably won't be much TV watching from me this week!
Infact every room has stunning views and the peace and tranquility of the place is just what we need right now.
The owner left local produce for us in her welcome pack...fresh eggs, milk, tea, coffee and these amazing oat cookies...almost the size of a plate!!
The cottage is well equipped with games, jigsaws, books, maps...even Bibles!
We are thoroughly looking forward to our week, regardless of what the weather does!
"Every good gift  comes down from above"


Saturday, 27 August 2016

God Has A Better Plan

This morning we set off for the Isle Of Wight, for our annual visit to my brother in law and his wife.
It was a calm crossing and perfect for enjoying the sea views with a spot of crocheting.
They always have a BBQ and today the weather was unusually kind to us!
They had recently moved house and this was our first visit.
We all loved this twisted eucalyptus tree and the beautiful shading of the trunk...they even had a couple of koalas hiding in the branches...can you spot one?
We took the swingball with us, which was perfect for keeping Teen Two occupied... well as a couple of older ladies who couldn't resist the urge...
...and then Hubby's sister in law joined in the fun.
Kippy the dog also kept Teen Two amused...he can't resist playing ball with a dog!
I had to smile to myself when I looked around and saw a row of men checking the sports results on the very intermittent signal!
Teen One and I spent our time admiring the younger members of the family...this is the cutest little bundle of fun we have seen in our deckchair for quite some time!
...and Hubby's sister in laws new niece had great fun climbing all over her cousin.
It was a great day for catching up with family and friends...
seeing this cancer survivor enjoy precious times with the grandchild she thought she would never see...
...of course for me it was the pleasure of just sitting back, listening to snippets of conversation, hearing the chuckles of those dear little babes, and of course a spot of crochet...
...with a cup of tea to hand!
All too soon it was time to get the ferry back...
We were treated to a beautiful sunset...
..which looked lovely from our seats...but oh those windows need cleaning!
So there was nothing for it but to join Hubby outside...who I am sure got a better final shot than me... the sun finally disappeared, signalling the end of a lovely family day, I felt the heaviness descend of recent days....but then was overcome with the thought...
God has a better plan.
Saturday August 27, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.