Sunday, 31 July 2016

Some Bunny Loves You!

Today started with church of course....
...followed by roast beef with all the trimmings ( and particularly good Yorkshires!)
It was then time for a game of Scrabble...and for the first time Teen Two joined in!
He has been really enjoying Rummikub, and also a card game our US friends taught us, called
"Big Boss Little Boss" so I think he has gained some confidence in games that has been lacking for some time.
He has also learnt to be a gracious loser!
The afternoon was still plenty of time for bunny hugs!
The bunnies seem to enjoy their new home and the extra cuddles they are receiving, they sit there for ages just lapping up the hugs and strokes...
...and I think we are really going to miss these little treasures when they have to return to their owners.
With all the excitement of the bunnies arriving yesterday, I completely forgot to make a cake for today's tea!
So I quickly rustled up some you can see...still warm when I buttered them.
Delicious as they were freshly buttered...some members of the family couldn't resist adding some jam and whippy cream!
Sunday July 31, 2016
Today's Verse:
   As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

A Tail Of Two Bunnies!

This morning started off in a very lazy way...a cup of tea being brought up to me....still 8.30am!!
I did wake earlier, around 6am...but then drifted back into a peaceful slumber...very unusual for me these days!
By the time we had done a little pillow surfing, chatted about what we hoped to achieve for the was nigh on 10am!!
One of the things I had hoped would get done, was the small area of flooring by the sink.
For years it had been covered with lino, which we had taken up a few weeks ago.
We were disappointed to find the floor boards stopped just short of the sink, leaving a rather messy area of broken up concrete and a few old quarry tiles.
I would have been more than happy to discover it all tiled and just cleaned them up, but as it was, was just no good.
The quickest and cheapest fix was to just dig up that area and replace with more tiles.
Teen Two enjoyed getting up the old concrete and tiles...
...Hubby then cracked on with the tiling...
...and we now have a firm surface to stand on.
Ultimately I would like the floorboard nearest the tiles changing as it really is rather beaten up...I don't mind the lived in look, but this really has seen too much life!
I read once its best to take a board from another part of the house, as being the same age it will blend in that is definitely a project for another time.
For lunch I tried something I saw on "Eat Well For Less" last egg muffin.
I didn't remember exactly how it was done....but near enough.
Melt a small amount of butter in a mug, add an egg ( now here was the bit I couldn't beat the egg of leave it whole??) I then lightly whisked the egg with a fork, added a small amount of grated cheese, then microwaved for one minute.... voila! It came out of the mug very neatly, and popped inside a toasted muffin was very quick and easy, and went down well with all the family.
Teen Two and Hubby had a slice of ham with theirs....and some brown sauce I believe.
Next time I will try it without whisking the egg.

But by far the most exciting part of the day was the arrival of some unexpected summer visitors!!
Yesterday Grandma happened to mention that her neighbours, who had sold their house very quickly, now had to find homes for all their animals as the new people were moving in next week and they haven't found anywhere to live yet!
As a throw away comment I said that Teen Two would love to bunny sit, if they were desperate and were happy for strangers to look after them.
I didn't think any more of it, but this morning Grandma rang to say they were very interested...within the hour the door knocked and two strangers stood there...was it right we were happy to have their bunnies??
So we invited them into the garden to see where the hutch could go, had a lovely chat and said any time they wanted to bring them was fine with us...and within the hour they came back with our summer visitors!
This is "Little One" with Teen Two.
She sat and enjoyed being cuddled for over an hour!
And here is Buster, enjoying his first explore of the garden.
Their garden is just patio, so they were enjoying rummaging through the bushes in  our garden!
The hutch unfortunately was too wide to fit through the garage door to the garden so they are now living in the garage...which means the old Clio will need to be kept on the road...but that's not a major problem. I found a space that no one else uses, not outside a house, so I don't think any neighbours will fall out with us..and it is only temporary!
We are excited to have these little visitors...Teen Two especially loves rabbits....although our cats are not too we shall be keeping them apart!
Whilst chatting with the couple, we said how lucky they were to sell their house within a week....we had family who have been trying for some time, down in Devon....Ooo where in Devon, they wanted to having told them where and the sort of property it was...they are off to google it!
As he left he said "these things happen for a reason!"
So who knows!
Saturday July 30, 2016
Today's Promise:
   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Transferring Minecraft Skills??

Having dropped Teen One off at work for 8.30am, it was an early trip to Lidl's for me today...and I must say, it was a very pleasant huge queues at the checkouts!
I couldn't resist these food coolers....pop them in the freezer overnight, then into a packed lunch in the morning...I know a certain Teen who is going to love them!
And did I mention she bought a watermelon T shirt in Primark this week??
Later in the morning, Teen Two helped me start to clear a corner of the garden.
It has a heap of earth, which was a dumping ground from previous garden projects, and as its a dark corner, just gets forgotten about.
I would like to have a storage box there, to put the cushions and deck chairs in...that's the ultimate goal anyway!
The mattock Teen Two was using was very heavy and I warned him to be careful ...
..."It's ok mum" he replied "I'm used to using a pick axe on Minecraft!"
I had read in the paper that the Royal Marines were putting on a free show nearby, so we made the most of Hubby finishing at lunch time ( as he is supposed to every Friday but rarely does!) and took Grandma with us.
I was delighted that Teen Two was enjoying much so, he videoed it on his Tablet.
They really are a joy to both watch and listen to...and in all that heat too!
It must have been especially hot for the young man with the tiger skin on him....
Teen Two asked if it was real...
...and at the end they mingled with the crowd, so he was able to ask him, and the answer is yes!
With the afternoon still young, we headed on down to the seafront.
We enjoyed an iced coffee, and Teen Two enjoyed his milkshake.
Whilst the boys then went on down to throw stones in, Grandma and I watched the ships coming and going and the lovely clouds forming in the bright blue skies.
It's been rather like a Saturday...and we have the pleasure of a real Saturday tomorrow!
Friday July 29, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

There Was A Brave Woman From Oz.....

First thing this morning I took Teen One to work, then filled the next couple of hours pottering, clearing corners etc, until it was time to take Teen Two for his Beans On Toast job.
The play centre today couldn't have been more different!
Aside from the fact we had a lovely new kitchen to work in, which was in a beautiful wooden chalet...what more could we want!
The staff were very welcoming and friendly throughout and I could have stayed all day.
We had a few more takers today but nowhere near as many as I had imagined, when I saw how many kids were in the play area.
It would seem, some kids just don't like beans...and we had quite a few ask for just toast.
Teen Two really enjoyed the work which was the main thing.
We had parked in Asda's car park...and it would be rude not to go in wouldn't  it!
I saw this t shirt and thought about a cousin who would look perfect in it!
If I could be sure he didn't already have one I would have bought it...but as they are Asda shoppers I imagine they have already seen did make me smile.
The afternoon was spent ironing, and making up the guest room.
My cousin from Australia is coming next week, rather unexpectedly, so its all systems go to make the place look presentable.
She was due to land in Glasgow today sometime and this is her itinerary:
Drive to the Highlands...see Isle of down to Hadrian's Wall...stop off in Liverpool...stop off in Derbyshire....she was then coming down to us on Tuesday (yes 4 days to see all that and do all the driving by herself!) but then yesterday she said a friend had urged her to stay over in Port Talbot the night before she comes to us....that's South Wales!!! My she is going to be mighty tired of driving by the time she gets here I think!
I know for sure I could never do all that alone...particularly not in a strange country, although I guess we have the same language and drive on the same side of the road so that's a couple of hurdles crossed...but even so...I don't see me doing it when we visit her over there...Hubby will do the driving and I will be "look out" as usual!
I certainly take my hat off to her...oh...and did I mention jet lag!
Thursday July 28, 2016
Today's Promise:
   I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Teen Two Takes On Beans On Toast!

This morning started with Teen Two going round to Grandma's to play their favourite game....he also took a pack of Egg Custard tarts with him, which I know Grandma loves.
Whilst Teen Two was out ( and Teen One was still sleeping!) I tried to get to the bottom of a small mystery.
I had noticed an amount of £8 come out of our bank account last month with "coverplan" as the description.
I am very reluctant to take out coverplans...reckoning they are usually a waste of money, but have from time to time, if the price is right, and for the washing machine, taken one out.
I searched through the bank account and saw another amount of £2 coming out, which I recognised as being the washing machine service protection, so what was the £8??
I decided to call the bank...who said it was indeed from Currys, so likely to be for a household item.
Well I knew it wouldn't be for anything other than the washing machine, so examined all the relevant reference numbers and lo and behold it was indeed for the washing machine!
So for some bizzare reason I had TWO agreements!
Well I was not happy about that! Having one is a luxury!
When I called Curry's they talked me through the paperwork I had signed...and I then recalled getting a letter back in May, and for £8 a month, for ten months my machine will be covered for five years.
I remember thinking, that was pretty good value and we couldn't buy a new machine for £80 so it was worth the cover for all those years.
But what I didn't understand was why I had two running...the £2 one is with Domestic and General.
I had assumed when I had the letter in May it was my Domestic and General protection running out, but it wasn't at all, it appears Curry's and Domestic and General are not part of the same company.
Currys had just sent the letter because the machine was a year old and past the usual warranty....but of course I hadn't realise that.
So, word of warning....make sure you know who you are signing up with and don't end up with two!
Thankfully I discovered it early so have only "lost" £4, I have of course cancelled the £2 agreement which was due to expire next year.
What a palava!
By this time, it was time to collect Teen Two from Grandma's to take to his volunteering job.
But not before I accidently forced Teen One to wake up from her beauty sleep!
I had decided to take the old car as we were going to a fairly rough part of town and didn't exactly know where I was going to get I got it out of the garage and shut the garage door...forgetting I had no way of now getting into the house!
So I had to knock knock knock...ring ring ring...before eventually a bleary eyed Teen One came down and rescued me!
The beans on toast making went well and Teen Two really enjoyed the experience.
I was less enamoured I must say.
The play centre staff did not know we were coming and clearly didn't really want us there.
They didn't like, what appeared to be an invasion of their space.
The lady who we were working for arrived and it was clear they didn't know who she was, she had her own agenda and they had theirs and it seems never the twain shall meet...and we were stuck in the middle!
I felt rather awkward to say the least and did my best to keep friendly with both sides.
Its all down to lack of communication really and I understood it from both sides, and did my best to let the play centre know exactly why we were there and how we had got involved.
They seemed fine afterwards but I must admit I am not looking forward to going back next week and hope tomorrow's session is a little friendlier!
I must say, the kids were great ( most of them!) some looked like they had never had a wash in their lives...poor things.
We had to collect some data at the end...on the kids diet, and the charity we are working with hope to present a case to the council to try and get the local population eating more nutricious  foods, using foods that supermarkets have thrown out.
Communication is going to have to be improved though it if is to trickle down to the troops on the ground!
Teen Two however really enjoyed it, so it was worth all the hassle!
After a quick breather at home we all popped in to town and bought a few bargains...and I was delighted to see The Works are renovating an empty shop!!
Yeah...I have missed them!!
There is a sausage casserole cooking in the oven ready for dinner, after which I will drop Teen Two off at the gym, before he then goes to his Internet Club.
Teen Two has been practising her Hazard Perception test and is hoping to book her Theory test its all systems go!
Wednesday July 27, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Wonderful Array Of Hedgehogs!

Last night, I finished off a couple more tea cosies ahead of meeting the "hedgehog lady."
I had wanted to label them with the size of teapot they would fit (hopefully the most common one!)
so went through my stash of "stuff" and found some old wrapping paper, brown labels and twine, which was perfect.

I managed to take apart the hedgehog pegs myself ( brave or what!) and hot glued them on to the cushion and tea cosies.
When digging through my carrier bag holder for a bag to put all the items in...look what I found!
Didn't even know I had it, must have come from someone else.
Then the big moment came....meeting the little prickly fellas....or should I say Kendra!
She is a young one ( cant remember how old the lady said) and was so inquisitive!
The Teens were in awe of these amazing really was a special moment.
I was so happy they were able to have this took  me 53 years to see one....they have beaten me by many years!
Then joy of joy the babies were awake and not huddled with their we were allowed a hold of them too!
This one appears to be smiling don't you think!
Whenever a new scent is on their skin they "self anoint" one knows why, but it was amazing to see.
This really will be
the highlight of the summer for us I think!
I am thrilled we were privileged to meet them.
If you are interested in hedgehog preservation, here are some useful links:
With our little treat over, I asked the dear old lady who had organised it for me if she would like to visit the new M&S that opened last week.
I was delighted when she said yes!
So we mooched through the food hall and chose one or two unusual things for an al fresco lunch.
The vegetable dips were lovely.
We enjoyed them whilst overlooking the local harbour.
It was a little windy, but we braved it outside and the Teens enjoyed the sundaes they had chosen.
I was the model of  goodness and chose these Rosemary and Apricot toasts to munch on instead.
Being a lover of seeds and dried fruits I did enjoy these...although some cream cheese would have really gone down a treat....but that would have made my halo slip somewhat!
Teen Two enjoyed throwing some stones in...
...and found a number of large rocks that made a wonderful ka-splosh when hitting the water.
We had an excellent view of one of the Mulberry Harbours, which were built for the D Day Landings.
This one broke so never made it and has been here ever since.
The beach was a carpet of slipper limpets...we always have a lot of these on our local beaches, but I have never seen so many! The entire area was covered in them with not a pebble in sight!
Teen One had made arrangements to meet her friends about a mile away, so after lunch I dropped her off, and Teen Two and I made the most of being near the Natural History Museum and went in search of the Queen Bee....
...we have been here several times before and never found her...but today was THE day!
Here she is with a white dot on her head.
It is fascinating to watch these buzzy creatures at work, and we are so fortunate to have this facility free to visit on our doorstep.
Something the Teens have enjoyed since being Tots is using the microscopes at the museum.
Teen One always looked at the feathers and stones, Teen Two always chose the tarantula fangs and scorpions...and no prizes for guessing what he is looking at here!
With the afternoon still young, we headed for the public gym...this step machine really is a hit and I had to end Teen Two's fun before he pulled a muscle!
He is going to ache tomorrow!
Once home I was ready for a sit down and some ice cream to cool down.
I read through the pamphlets the Hedgehog lady had given me.
I now feel very educated on the subject!
Dinner was left overs....yes on a Tuesday!
We had an entire pack of cooked beef burgers left over from the family service on Sunday....just too many to just throw away.
I know technically we are advised to not re heat burgers, but based on the knowledge these were fresh before they were cooked on Sunday...and I would reheat cooked beef quite happily...this is just the long as I get the reheated burgers up to the required 75degrees there shouldn't be a problem.
In fact they were cooked to almost 90 as it happened!
So....with that "apologetic" for breaking food safety rules...this is what I did.
Blitzed up the burgers and made up some fresh gravy to mix in, put it all in the bottom of a large dish...
...added the dish full of left over veggies...also from Sunday....
...covered the veggies with a layer of grated cheese....
...topped with fresh mashed potatoes and more cheese.
I wasn't sure what to call it when the Teens said "what's for dinner?"
I came up with "Double Cheese Burger Pie!"
Double cheese ( not double burger as they had thought) and pie as in Cottage pie.
I have to confess it was very tasty indeed!
Just after I had popped it in the oven Teen One sent a text asking for a lift and I have now just dropped Teen Two off at Sports club....I feel like I have been in and out of the car most of the day....but looking back at the pictures I guess we have covered rather a lot of ground today!
Tuesday July 26, 2016
Today's Verse:
   Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.