Monday, 4 January 2016

You Know Your Kids Are Growing Up When... have almost as many chocolates ...
...and candy canes on the tree AFTER Christmas!
And even one from LAST year!!
However it didn't look too appealing so it's now in the bin!
So today has been all about packing Christmas away.
Teen Two took all the decorations off the tree....which left me the unenviable task of not only taking the tree out...but the massive clear up....
...of the never ending trail of pine needles...
..all the way through the house.... its final resting place!
The dustbin men will kindly take it in a week or so...then there will be one more clear up of dead needles in the forecourt...than that's Christmas done and dusted for another year!
I finally got round to another job which was getting rather overdue... transferring all the important dates from last years calendar to the new one.
This year I am the proud owner of a Family Organiser (courtesy of our £2 challenge)
It should make life a lot easier!
The least pleasant task of the day was taking Teen Two for a vaccine. I hadn't told him until today, and needless to say he wasn't looking forward to it...but having explained what the disease was and the consequences, he was happy to have it.
We had to wait rather a long time in the surgery due to an emergency case coming in, which of course allowed the tension to build up for poor Teen Two.
However, as he was starting to tell the nurse he wasn't ready for it....she had slid the needle in and he was none the wiser!
His face was a picture when we told him it was all over...he hadn't felt a thing!
We are both relieved that is over!
Tomorrow sees both the Teens back at school and college and an opportunity for me to try and catch up on the chaos that has taken over the house!
Daily Blessing
Monday January 4, 2016
Today's Verse:
   I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


  1. Can't believe you have edible decorations left! Very restrained. It is such a good job done when the tree is out and life gets back to some sort of normality. Mine have all been taken down but as I sit here I can see two that have been missed!! Xxxx