Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What's In A Name?

Today has been all about sorting out the presents and finding new homes for them.
Along the way I made a happy discovery...finding some preserves I had forgotten all about!
FQ2FF had been challenged to make jam out of vegetables...having sampled her two makes today, I can confirm they are absolutely delicious!
Carrot jam tastes remarkably like apricot jam!
Courgette and lemon jam is to die for!
I must get her to share the recipes with us!
Another discovery was this Challenge box!
This time  FQ2FF was setting the challenge.
Family members have until March to create something out of all these bits and bobs and a prize will be given to the best creation....judged by FQ2FF's crafting friends.
Another find, was this delightful Orla Kiely gift bag.
My family obviously know my passions...and last year began my little collection of Orla Kiely designs....courtesy of the Douwe Egbert  coffee jars!
On recent visits to Tesco, a shopping bag kept catching my eye.....several times I picked it up and considered buying it....but at £4.50 it seemed rather pricey for "just a Tesco bag."
BUT....when I received this little gift bag ( with some posh mincemeat inside!) I thought "that pattern looks familiar!"
So on a quick trip to Tesco today I took another look at the bag...and sure enough..."Orla Kiely" designed!
Suddenly £4.50 didn't seem too bad a price!
The design isn't exactly the same, but it shows her look is very distinctive and I am unconsciously attracted to them!
As I walked out of the store...feeling very proud of my new purchase, I pondered how fickle I had been a few weeks back...attracted to the bag, but not prepared to pay out for a Tesco label...but when I discover its an Orla Kiely design....it suddenly becomes ok to pay out for it...one has to ask oneself...just what is in a name!


  1. I'm glad that you liked the jam ( I think that the recepies were Hugh Fearnley Whittingley's)- the shopping bag looks fab as well x

    1. We went to try the carrot jam last night but we were unable to get it out of the jar - the bit we tasted was very very.nice though.

    2. It was a little overset but still tasted delicious!

  2. Sorting out the presents is always a job I love, but so far I haven't got around to it. It feels like Christmas all over against !! Well done on getting the bag,we all need a little treat sometimes! Xxxx