Friday, 1 January 2016

Wednesday 30th Dec: The Presents Continue!

This year a new challenge was set...make a Christmas cracker for a name pulled out of the hat...
my recipient received the traditional paper wrapped one ( sorry!) whereas I received this stunner...made with fabric and tied in the cutest toadstools you ever saw ( I adore toadstools)
Inside I discovered a fine selection of buttons....another one of my passions!
How well my family know me!
As children we often had "spaceships/flying saucers" for dinner...filled with baked beans or tinned spaghetti.
Only one at a time could be made, so it must have been a rather tiresome meal for my mother to prepare...and I can now understand her sighs when we pleaded for them!
Nowadays there is this "new" diablo to make them in....they are more or less the same design...but these days we have the extra pennies to add cheese to the filling...making them super tasty!
The Teens thoroughly enjoyed their unexpected cooked breakfast!
The next part of the present fest is taking a trip to Atlantic Village Outlet Retail Park and buying a present ( or even two!) for £2, again for a family member whose name was pulled out of a hat.
It is amazing what you can buy...and receive(!)for £2.
Why not take on the challenge yourself!
With the introduction of a Poundland it has made it possible to get excellent bargains for just £1 even!
During the year Uncle Phil celebrated his 50th Birthday and we took the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with a party meal.
Teen One was tasked with decorating some cakes.... daleks....
...which together with some very yummy banana and peanut butter muffins, were displayed on a fab Dr Who cake stand!
This labour of love was impressively finished off with candles that were more like fireworks!
The evening was finished off with the making of a video, using masks we had to make up ourselves ( thanks for baling me out hubby!)
The family are mad Leicester City fans and this was to celebrate their recent success.
The 15second video took much choreographing and in between the laughing and retakes, we learnt we may not be particularly talented in some areas...but are more than willing to give anything a go!
A happy end to our last day of this short stay down in the West Country with Devon.
What happy memories our Teens will have of these times...and happy memories make for a happy life don't you think?

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