Sunday, 31 January 2016

Unexpected Time On Our Hands

Starting with last night....we watched The Great British Sports Relief Bake off and my eagle eyes spotted the winning apron was an Orla Kiely design!
Having googled it I discovered they are available from TKMaxx for £12.99
I just happen to have a gift voucher for £12.99 (a returned gift last year) so guess where I am headed in the week!
The lap top problems are still not hubby took it apart even further last night...the problems haven't gone...but they haven't got worse...its always rather nerve wracking having it in pieces!
This morning was of course church as usual....
...followed by a roast dinner.
For dessert I did something different, in a cobbler...made with Elijah bread instead of a scone mix.
It worked really well and was very light.
I will be making that again for sure.
Teen Two had been given a box of cake mix for Christmas,  so today he set to and made them for our tea....
...they tasted great!
This afternoon was of course spent giving Grandma not one but two games of Scrabble.
Grandma is always delighted when she wins...but then feels bad that she she was keen to play another game and did her best NOT to win....she succeeded, Teen One had the Z and the Q and managed to make the word Quiz across a double word score tile...which put her seriously into the lead and none of us were able to catch her up.
When we arrived at church for our evening Gospel Service, before we had got out of the car, another member of the church came and told us the service had been cancelled as the boiler had broken down.
The temperature in our old building was too low for the service to go ahead, it had been decided.
We couldn't help thinking of Christians in other countries who have far greater issues to contend with and yet still manage to hold their services...however the decision had already been made and the doors were being locked up.
So with the unexpected time to ourselves...we headed off to a local beauty spot to admire the lights of the city.
Its a place Grandma used to like to go to with Grandad, in those days they would take a flask of tea and some sandwiches, then together with their binoculars they would search for familiar buildings. 
We spent a pleasant half an hour up there and then headed back home.
Teen One was glad of the time as she has some complicated process to work out on her ipad for her role as Apple Ambassador at everything doesn't appear to be going to plan!
Daily Blessing
Sunday January 31, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.