Friday, 1 January 2016

Thursday Dec 31: Goodbye Devon and Goodbye 2015

They say all good things come to an end...and today was not only the end of 2015, but the end of our short stay in Devon.
It's always sad to say goodbye to family...but it is always good to be back home.
They also say "there is no place like home" (I can never say that without seeing Dorothy clicking her red shiny heels together!) and for me growing up, nothing could be further than the truth...going home was something I it's very important to me that my Teens enjoying coming, and being home.
I remember mentioning to Teen One some years ago that I used to hate the journey home from being away, when I was younger..."Oh I don't....I love coming home"
I felt I had succeeded in at least one aspect of parenthood that day!
Our route home takes us past matter how often we see this mysterious site, we are always fascinated by it and say "look out of the window...Stonehenge is coming up!"
Once home it was of course time to catch up on the washing...why does only two days away seem to amount to a weeks worth!
Tonight will of course see the start of a new year.
I wish you a very happy healthy and blessed 2016

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