Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Teen Gamer's Heaven!

This morning started in my favourite way...waking leisurely and then a cuppa and a ginger biccie in bed.
We had no specific plans for the day, other than Teen One wanted to do some clothes shopping for her up and coming Uni interviews...did I say she now has two?
Whilst doing some surfing of what friends have been up to on FB,  I noticed one had been to a new Retro Gaming Café.
Having never heard of it before, but knowing just the Teen who would love it, I checked out the website and bam....our day had a plan!
Just check out this cool place! It is in the basement of a large property and the décor is brilliant!
With umpteen dozen games consoles of all kinds, comfy chairs, soft drinks and snacks was seventh heaven for our game loving Teen Two!
To say he was spoilt for choice is probably an understatement!

For just a fiver for two hours it was excellent value as well.
Needless to say, whilst he and Hubby did some father son bonding...electronically of course...Teen One and I went clothes shopping.
It has to be said, the boys probably  had the more relaxing option...and after an hour of traipsing round the busy shops we were ready for a coffee break!
With my M&S Sparks card I was able to get any cake and any hot drink for £3....bargain!
Teen One has got some lovely clothes...but she has read that bright colours should be avoided, stick to black or beige or maybe a black skirt a white blouse and jacket.
That seemed rather waitress like to me but the dresses we saw weren't quite what we were looking for...
Whilst Teen One has the figure to match the smart dresses that are around at the moment...she is going to an interview to be a student, not a company director or air hostess!
My sister in law had said wear something that reflects your personality, whilst keeping within accepted interview standards...not too short, not too high, not too frivolous etc.
We had seen a black dress with yellow flowers in Primark...which was going to be a back was very "Teen One" , smart and yet feminine, but she wasn't 100% about it.
We had almost given up hope of finding anything today when we saw this in New Look...less than half price as well.
We just now need to find a smart little jacket or pretty cardigan (which we understand is quite acceptable) to go with it.
Lunch was our current favourite soup again...butternut squash and lentil....I really need to branch out a bit more and try something different...but when you have hit on something everyone likes its easier to stick with it!
With the sun shining...albeit the wind lowering the temperature quite a bit, I thought I would spend some time in the garden
This area was full of weeds and the debris from last years attempt to grow some veggies.
There is now a large sack full of rubbish ready for a dump trip and I have decided to abandon the idea of growing anything there again, so covered it over with wood chippings!
I will put some pots on maybe, just to brighten the small patch up.
Whilst I was in the garden, Teen Two cleaned out the gerbils, and Teen One recorded their antics on the floor using the slow motion setting on her phone...the results gave us all quite a laugh!
They move so fast you just don't see a lot of what they get up to!
Hubby went and collected a car load of free wood from a friend, so our wood burner supply is nice and full again.
I am hoping for a relaxing evening and just enjoying the company of my family, a rich blessing for which I am always grateful
Daily Blessing
Saturday January 30, 2016
Today's Promise:
   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.




  1. You always manage to find something exciting to do!! Well done on the second interview teen one, where is that one?xxx

  2. I heard about Brighton, just wondered where the other one was.xx

    1. Sorry, got the order wrong...the other one is Canterbury