Wednesday, 6 January 2016

There's Always Tomorrow!

Things are slowly getting back to routine this week, although the Christmas clear up continues!
The morning started with tackling a pile of ironing....this is usually a weekly task, but I didn't do ANY over the you can imagine the pile I had today!
Having said that, holiday clothes are more carefree, joggers and sweatshirts etc so it  could have been worse I guess.
Today I decided I really had to clear the surfaces, there were piles of various Christmas related items in almost every room.
The remainder of the box of cards in one corner, gifts which hadn't been found a new home in another, the Christmas cake in the dining room....with only a small chunk left.
I decided it was too small to warrant being on the big plate, taking up a lot of room, so wrapped up the remaining chunk and  gave the decorations their annual bath, to dissolve the sugar, ready for use next Christmas.
I am always glad to get the decorations down, but always feel a little sad seeing these ones go away.
My friend came for lunch in her break and we enjoyed a steaming bowl of soup together whilst catching up with each other's news.
Part way through our chit chat my mother in law popped in, on her way back from the cemetery.
It will soon be the anniversary of my father in law's death so I wonder if maybe she just wanted some company.
She copes very well day to day on her own, but there must be days when she feels more lonely than others.
Having had her four children and her five grandchildren round over Christmas, then meeting up with the extended family at the weekend, maybe the loss was felt more keenly this week with life returning to normal.
When the visitors had gone their separate ways, it was back to clearing the corners for me.
I found this lovely Kilner set I had been given for Christmas.
When I next make some preserves it will be ideal for showing them off... in the mean time they make excellent storage jars for my dried fruit.
Another discovery I made, was these two bags I had bought in The Works for £1.
They are a good size and look very sturdy.
With the charge on carrier bags now, I am always looking out for good sized bags for food items that are large but not heavy...cereal, bread, rolls and the like.
The macaroons remind me of our holiday in France a few years ago, we passed some delicious macaroon shops and of course they have become very popular over here in the UK in recent years.
The second bag has a Cath Kidstone look about it, very "twee and English."
And whenever I anything new of the cats HAS to come and investigate!
After spending most of the day on my feet, up and down stairs, feeling rather pleased with myself that downstairs was now Christmas free (albeit what was downstairs is now upstairs waiting to be put away!) clean, and everything back in its place...I sat down to enjoy a cuppa and update the blog, when out of the corner of my eye I saw our little collection of vintage Observer the right of where they ought to be!
They are usually in the centre of the shelf...above my cross stitch picture, but I move them every year to put wooden decorations up (Love/Peace/Joy)
Oh well...after a sigh and a sip I thought to myself  "there is always tomorrow!"
Daily Blessing
Wednesday January 6, 2016
Today's Promise:
   And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.


  1. Well done on another busy day. I am pleased to say that all the Christmas bedding has now be done and most of it has been ironed,I have to confess it wasn't done by me, not up to that yet, but my very good neighbour has worked very hard.xx

  2. There's nothing quite like that feeling of normality is there?