Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The End Of A Long Journey

Starting with last night....hubby bravely took the laptop apart to see if fluff was the cause of the (continuing) problems we are having with it.
Replacing the old battery sorted the constant crashing, but spraying the can of air ( anyone from years gone by would laugh at us buying a can of fresh air!) didn't seem to make any difference to the other problems.
However, the fact I am able to update today's blog is testimony to his ability to take something  complex apart and put it all back the right way!
Maybe Teen Two's Lego building passion will have the same effect one day
In the middle of this delicate operation my mobile rang.
As hardly anyone ever rings me...all my family and friends generally facebook/text/email, I had a good idea it was going to be a family friend...and true enough it was.
Her Recycled Teenager in the Dementia home had finally passed away.
It has been a  long, hard and painful journey for both her and the family, as dementia slowly took her away from us all.
Last week I mentioned she had deteriorated and since Friday we had not expected her to live more than a few hours.
I normally visit her on a Tuesday or Wednesday and had realised things were not good on Tuesday, so was not surprised to receive the phone call Thursday saying time was short.
I went in to see her Friday morning and was surprised to see her being fed porridge!
However the carer said it didn't mean anything, other than her tummy would be full and comfortable.
When the carer left I held Auntie's hand and tried to see if she was able to focus her eyes on me...but there was nothing there.
I read some comforting Bible verses with her, prayed with her then spent about fifteen minutes quietly singing some hymns....she seemed to be aware I was there and when ever I stopped she would give a little moan, then stop when I started singing again.
This is the second time I have had that experience with someone close to death, appearing to be  unresponsive...but singing seems to register with them.
When it was time to leave I gave her a final kiss, told her I would miss her but looked forward to seeing her again one day.
I knew that was the last time I would see her, here,  and of course my heart was heavy.
But not for long...for her it is the end of a long journey, but a journey where she knew where her destination was going to be....she is now absent from her body but present with her Lord who she has loved and served for so many years.
How can we be heavy hearted knowing she will never know the suffering she has experienced ever again.
I can't say I felt particularly tearful, or upset even...but when I got to bed, sleep would not come.
I got up eventually and came down to watch some TV and went back around 2am....still no sleep....but I seem to have survived the day with out any...that's what having babies does for you I guess!
When the day had started properly I set to doing a few spring cleaning chores.
As today was the day I would have visited Auntie, I wanted to achieve something with the unexpected time.
So I washed the top of the kitchen cupboards, which always collect so much grease and dust.
Last year I lined the top with newspaper, so all I had to do was replace that, then wash the wood and doors.
Its one of those jobs that only I know has been done, but I am glad to have done anyway!
With the weather being absolutely foul, I decided I would spend the rest of the day at home catching up on jobs I had been putting off.
The first...and ultimately the only one...was to declutter the filing cabinet.
It has become rather a struggle to get anything in these it really was overdue a clear out.
I have only managed two of the four drawers, but had a floor full of unwanted paper....
....which I used for some free fuel.
I don't usually bother burning paper...its so messy and clogs up the burner, but as much of the paper had personal details on, I thought rather than using energy to shred it, I would create some we could benefit from on this chilly day!
Around lunch time a friend came in for her lunch break and after a catch up mentioned she wanted to pop into  The Range.
I went along to keep her company and came away with these two large Lego storage boxes.
They were the last two, in the sale, and had a further 10% off as one was  a display box.
Teen Two will now be able to store some of his huge collection in here.
As I was collecting some firewood from the shed, I noticed what a lovely colour this bush has gone.
I don't remember it ever being so must be something to do with the warmer weather this winter.
It has been an unusual day in many ways, and the middle of the week won't be the same without my usual visit to see Auntie...but I know something or someone else will be just around the corner!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday January 27, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

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