Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Some Me Time? Maybe Not!

After several weeks of what seems like nothing but housework, a friend and I planned to meet for coffee this morning for a spot of me time together and a catch up on our sons EHCP's...
...however when Teen Two started complaining of a tummy ache last night after sports club, I knew my me time might not be all mine after all!
However he didn't seem too bad this morning, and although he was complaining of some discomfort, the fact he was able to play on the PC, to me, meant he wasn't bad enough to be off school.
To be off school my kids need to not be able to function properly...not eating, playing, not able to do anything much at all actually!
Having taken his temperature and dosed him with painkillers, thinking maybe it was a pulled muscle, I sent him off in his school taxi....but with that nagging feeling I hadn't heard the last of it!
Like yesterday, today was glorious.
Blue skies and it was lovely to be out by the waterfront enjoying the fresh air, and also the good company of my friend.
I had warned her I was expecting a call...
...and just as my toasted teacake arrived the call came!
I asked if they could let him stay somewhere quiet for a while and see if it passed...suggesting maybe till lunchtime (ever hopeful!)
They did that...but in less than an hour I had another call to come and get him.
Ever since the Teens have been small...any time off school ( if I felt it was a little bit of an OTT decision) meant no screen...books yes...but no screens.
So as Teen Two got into the car I reminded him he would be staying in bed or on the sofa with just books...well you can imagine how his face dropped....which of course indicated to me he wasn't as ill as staff had thought.
We have to bear in mind that his inability to clearly explain himself does leave us open to making the wrong judgement sometimes...he can mask pain...but equally can think it worse than it actually is.
As his sports coach had told him last night he should see a doctor ( did this sow a seed I ask myself?)
I thought I would drive straight to the docs and see if they could fit him in.
They always reserve late appointments for emergencies...was this an emergency...well in my eyes no...but if school were saying he was too unwell to be there, I wanted a second opinion, I didn't want a repeat tomorrow when I send him in!
The doctor was lovely and after much questioning, prodding and poking, she diagnosed a case of being ticklish!
She found nothing wrong and suggested playing sport straight after dinner had probably caused indigestion/stitch etc and assured him it was nothing to worry about....which is exactly what I had suggested yesterday.
Hopefully with a doctor having checked him out he will feel easier in himself.
We all have been guilty of imagining something terrible was wrong with us I am sure.
So no me time today....well a little I guess...but not the leisurely time I had looked forward to and the mooch around the shops I had anticipated...there's always another time I guess!
Daily Blessing
Wednesday January 20, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

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  1. Oh dear - it's never easy is it but I agree with you - his disappointment at no screens was a bit of a give away! He will have genuinely thought that there was a problem and then, possibly, become fixated upon it. As the great William Shakespeare once said "all's well that ends well"!