Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Let's start with last night... and what a night it was!
Right after uploading my blog I went to make a cuppa and get on with kitchen chores.
Before the kettle had boiled someone started knocking the front door...now I would have said it was my Recycled Teen next door...but at 6pm it was getting late for him...so I was intrigued as to who it was.
It turned out to be the neighbour who lives on the other side of him.
"I have just got home and can hear the smoke alarm....but I don't know how to turn it off...I don't think its mine...can you check next door?"
So the two of us went next door...as soon as I was in the street I could hear the alarm...then as soon as I opened the porch door I could smell the smoke!
Oh my...what were we going to find!
With the front door open the noise was deafening and the smoke choking.
Only the kitchen light was on so we headed straight for there, to be confronted with a fire on the oven hob ( caused by a chopping board and teacosy, with the hob on) and our 92 year old neighbour flat out on the floor...and to be honest...I thought at that point he was dead.
It was a shock and rather surreal...but sense kicked in and I ignored the poor chap, switched off the oven from the wall...got a towel and drenched it in water...boy did that take a long time...then put it over the fire.
By this time we were both choking with the smoke...but had the presence of mind to then check the poor man...who amazingly enough was alive!
"Call my son" is all he kept saying.
Having seen he was now in no immediate danger and not bleeding or unconscious, we called the son and decided as he was nearby he could assess the situation and call the emergency services if needed.
We opened all the doors and windows, made the poor chap comfortable with a pillow and blanket.
Gave him a wet kitchen towel to suck on...if his throat was anything like ours he was parched and stinging.
The son arrived and was clearly shocked at the sight of his dad on the floor, the stench of smoke (which amazingly had started to disappear) and the stake of the kitchen top.
After quick conflab it was decided to call for an ambulance to check for smoke inhalation.
Whilst the son had managed to get his dad to a soft seat, who knows how long he had been there or how much smoke had been inhaled.
The paramedics gave him a thorough check and after an hour were happy, with the support he had ( son staying over) and our dear neighbour talking coherently, it was agreed he didn't need to go to hospital, but guidelines were given as to what to look out for and how to respond.
This all took about two hours and when it was all over all three of us hugged each other with the relief that all was well.
When we reflected how different the outcome could have been, we were thankful smoke alarms had been fitted and their batteries changed regularly.
Without a doubt, the smoke alarms saved his life.
Of course, had the neighbour not come home when she did, acted on what she heard and sought help, he would not have been alive today.
When I finally got home I was stinking of smoke and despite a shower and hairwash...two more hair washes today...I can still smell smoke!
It its going to take some time to forget the image we were met with last night.
On to today... I was pleased to see a new cat bed I bought half price at The Range had a new owner!
I wasn't sure if either of the cats would take a fancy to it and was pleased at least one has.
We have had cat beds in the past but they have spurned them to choose their own beds...namely the sofa or any new item brought into the house! 
Tomorrow I get another year older....and my neighbour's son gave me an early gift as a thank you for last night.
After visiting my Monday recycled Teenager ( yes ...on Tuesday!) and taking her shopping, it was time to collect Grandma and take her back to the hospital.
This time it was a much shorter visit thankfully.
When I arrived home I found these treats waiting for me!
A friend had popped by and left pressies AND a cake with candles!
So many treats and it isn't even my birthday yet!
This afternoon I felt needed to be a bit calmer than the past 24hours.
So I pottered doing washing, bits and bobs and of course a cuppa and a sit down.
Last night's drama shows the Bible verse...."thou knowest not what a day may bring forth" (Proverbs 27) is indeed true!
Daily Blessing
Tuesday January 12, 2016
Today's Promise:
   It shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.


  1. Oh! Poor you, what a shock! As you say thank goodness for smoke alarms. It must have been terrible for all of you. Hopefully he feels a bit better today. It makes you wonder if he should be living on his own. It's times like this that I'm sure he is missing his wife. You do such an amazing job looking after after all your recycled teens. Have a lovely day tomorrow, I have sent you a Jacqui Lawson card, hopefully it will get through OK. Sometimes they don't. Xxxxxxxx

    1. His son has disconnected the oven. He uses the microwave 75% of the time and we will show him how to do the other 25% in it. He is so frail one wonders how long he can go on and for that reason we are all trying to keep him at home, but there may come a time when all the safety procedures we put in place are no longer good enough. Its sad that he didn't have the presence of mind to press his neck cord when he fell and a lot of the drama could have been avoided, but its not surprising he was dazed. Old age is not fun is it.

  2. Wow - what an exciting and shocking afternoon - glad he (and you!) are ok. Have a good (and hopefully less eventful) day tomorrow! Xxx