Saturday, 9 January 2016

Let Them Eat Cake!

Let's start with last night!
Hubby and Teen One went over to a Young People's Bible study in Winchester, a regular Friday night treat...followed by pizza.
Last night there were extra treats on offer!
Another Gospel Hall nearby have started opening up their church hall once a week to the homeless.
One of the congregation manages to get free food coming up to the sell by date.
It seems they had more than they could use over Christmas, so the left overs were taken for the young people to hoover up!
But even they couldn't eat it unopened boxes were left for anyone to take home.
We are not sure if there was a printing error...since the cake most definitely tastes of earl grey (which hubby is rather partial to!)I am so glad he chose this over the chocolate cake!
When I opened the box I was not expecting it to be so big!
I had already had a taste of the it last night...hubby brought me up a slice in bed...what a treat!
I don't know how we are going to get through it all, but it did save me making one for tea tomorrow!
Whether Marie Antoinette actually said "Let them eat cake" or not, it was the perfect words to accompany our midnight treat...and it wasn't far off midnight either!
Yesterday when having a coffee at The Range, my friend's daughter ( who was with us) said she needed to get some mittens for her six month old, now she was so active, her little hands were getting cold in the pushchair.
She was wondering where to buy them, to which I them....I can make them in an afternoon!
So, after a slow start to the morning (don't you love free Saturday's!) a leisurely bath, it was time for brekky....but it was much later than I thought...lets skip breakfast and go straight to the cake!
I had hoped to shed the post Christmas pounds, but that will have to wait a little longer!
What a treat to sit down with a vintage knitting book, in search of a mitten pattern, enjoy a lovely cuppa and that delicious cake!
They don't take long at all...and I would have had a pair made had it not been for the fact I misread the pattern and had to  rip it all out!
I hope to make a few pairs in different colours for her.

Whilst I sat enjoying the slow start and unexpected knitting project, I had no idea my friend had fallen at home and broken her ankle!
She is in hospital for the next few days and will be out of action for some time to come.
After "brekky" I nipped out to The Range to see what other 75% bargains I could find....I did VERY well and have lots of RED pressies ( some of you will know what that means!)
On my return it was time to make soup for lunch.
Roasted red pepper, butternut squash and lentil...everyone agreed it was very tasty, and very nutritious.
Teen One was meeting some friends for a game of bowling, so we decided to take the opportunity of being down there and give Teen Two a game.
It was rather busy, and whilst Teen One was waiting for her friends, we went ahead and booked our lane.
A game or two of air hockey filled in the time till the lane was free, Teen Two loves this game.

Before long we got the call to go to our lane....
...and both boys enjoyed the game....
...I was player number you can see the boys are pretty evenly matched...but my bowls end up in the gully mostly!
When we came home the rain was lashing down.....and very soon a very peculiar colour filled the sky...
...and the whole house turned a very strange shade of orange!
We expected a storm, but so far all is still.
We are now settling down for a quiet evening and for me of course, some knitting.
Daily Blessing
Saturday January 9, 2016
Today's Verse:
   For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.


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  1. Lovely mixture of a day!! That cake - WOW looks delicious. Well done on the mittens I'm sure they will be very pleased with them. Sorry to hear about your friends broken ankle, very painful!! Xx