Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Going back to last night...being New Year's Eve, we had some party food to make it a special evening for the Teens.
It still amazes me that simple acts bring such pleasure.
We sat and watched a film then pitted our wits against the University Challenge Celebrities.
It was a cosy evening...lounging in a onesie after a bath..and Millie seemed to enjoy having us back.
I didn't stay up to see the New Year in, but was woken by the fireworks and general noise of the rest of the world celebrating.
It was lovely to wake up this morning and be able to turn over and go back to sleep again!
Eventually, some time around 8.30am I popped in next door, then returned to bed with the lappy and of course a cuppa, ably made by hubby.
A slow start to the day is a rare treat, of which we have had a few these past weeks... but today was probably the last for a while!
Once every one was up and some basic chores out of the way, we sat down for a family game of Monopoly.
We had a lot of fun for a few hours and it is excellent for some basic Maths skills of course for Teen Two.
After a lunch of jacket potatoes with beans and cheese, it was time to see a DVD Teen Two has been itching to see for the past few days!
With the rain lashing down outside, it was lovely to sit in front of the woodburner, forget about the clearing up and just indulge in doing as we please!

 I promised you some photos of our presents, and this beautiful crafting bag was made for me by FQ2FF
It is stunning on so many levels...the many pockets, the perfect size for knitting needles, the perfect fabric...woodland creatures and even some toadstools!
And as for the remember by attempt last week!
Today has been a calm start to the new year and we pray the rest of the year continues the same way. Of course life is not like that, so we pray also for the strength and wisdom to deal with what 2016 sends our way!
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths"



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