Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Do You Like Your Presents Wrapped?

Starting with last neighbour's son came in with lovely bright and cheerful, they have got to be one of my favourite flowers I think.
They were in tight bud last night, but central heating has worked its magic!
Today is of course my birthday...for those who are wondering....53!
I love this card from hubby...the doggy is "made" from garter stitch...the back of the card says he was recycled from an old cardi...what a lovely thought.
Teen Two made this well he knows me...and I love the sentiments...
"You can never have too much wool!"
Teen One made this 3D card with delightful tiny hearts that stand out....very Orla Keily....but much better as Teen One designed it!
I was spoilt with plenty of cards and e cards....this one is particularly sweet I thought!
I had an early present over Christmas, hand made by FQ2FF
which has already been regularly used.
Handmade presents have got to rank pretty highly don't you think....but there are some presents that rank even higher...."unwrapped presents"....know what I mean....?
The first "present" I found from hubby was...finding the dishwasher had been emptied....what a treat!
The second present was...
....finding the log basket full up!
I don't mind lighting the woodburner...its a daily essential in the winter...but getting the wood in from the cold is no to be able to just kneel down and load up the burner was a lovely treat.
Of course there are one or two "wrapped" pressies coming my way from Hubby...a box of choccies has already been received and a new hand blender is on its way.
With all the soup I make these days, I think a hand blender will be easier and less mess than the standard blender.
My usual Wednesday friend had a meeting today so wasn't able to pop in, so rather than stay home alone ( which is a rarity!) I invited Grandma to come for afternoon tea at M&S with me.
As this is served all day long, we decided to make it our lunch.
Having seen the picture online, I warned her to bring a box for the left overs!
The selection for the sandwiches and cakes were super  and the favourite part...were delicious.
The mini cakes and macaroons looked delicious....but we didn't have any room left so they came home in our doggie bags!
We had six mini sandwiches each
A scone with jam and cream each
Two mini cakes and a macaroon each
How anyone could eat ALL of it is beyond me!
This is the first time I have used a reward from my Sparks card and if this is the taste of things to come...I am very impressed!
The Tea For Two cost just £10...I see on the bill the usual price is £22.90!
We had a wander round the shops (not much though...Grandma does not enjoy mooching round for bargains!)
I bought these sweet gift boxes in Accesorize, 70% off...22p!
I spotted these gloves in Tiger....they are especially for using your smart phone....I don't actually know how they work ( and hopefully they do!) but three of the fingers are apparently "touch screen material!"
I saw this nifty little gadget for £1 and thought it would make great presents for the Friday Club girls (see...told you I was going to be organised this Christmas!)
I thought I ought to try one out first...
...the instructions are available online and it was very quick and easy...although the sewing up bit at the end might prove a little tricky for some...
...I added a button...but think its too small so will go through my button box for a more suitable one.
So that has been my special day....a lot of it was just a typical day, but the little touches my friends and family added have made it a memorable day.
Daily Blessing
Wednesday January 13, 2016
Today's Psalm:
   The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.


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  1. Sounds as though you have had a good day. The afternoon tea at M&S looks very nice. Can't believe how expensive it should have been!! Lots of lovely pressure as well. Xxxx,