Friday, 22 January 2016

Computer Hiccups!

I sometimes start my daily blog with "going back to last night...."
Today I am going to start with...."going back to five minutes ago!"
I had been reading FQ2FF and feeling very sorry for her and her computer problems....I had posted it was one of my top three hates...starting with car problems...then washing machine problems are next.
Our lives seem to turn into turmoil when one of those three things don't function as they should!
Silly really...there are far more important things that can go wrong, but I guess these three things bring so much pleasure and make our lives so much easier, we feel the pain when they aren't working!
So....little did I realise when I was reading the blog...I too was going to have a bit of a hiccup in that department too!
For a few weeks the laptop battery has not been holding its charge, so hubby bought a new one and fitted it in this afternoon.
He gave me strict instructions not to charge it up until it had fully discharged.
I turned it on...checked out one or two things...and then "squeak" it went and shut down on me!
I turned it back on and, unusually, it didn't  go through the usual rigmarole that it does when it is unexpectedly shut down....which was rather strange I thought.
However...I logged on and then inserted the SD card ready to upload today's pictures....instead of the usual boxes coming ones came up....and my educated guesses didn't work out to be so educated....I haven't the faintest idea how I am supposed to upload the pictures  now!
Needless to say Hubby is not here, so I can't turn to him for  I am sorry to say, it will be a pictureless blog today...aside from those I can snag from the internet!
I cant imagine just putting the new battery in has changed the settings...but what do I know!
All I know ain't working as it should be....and I find that a little irritating to say the least!
( And it has shut down  again twice whilst trying to upload this!)
Looking back on the didn't  start too well...but did get better!
Firstly, I made myself a cuppa...only to promptly spill the entire cup, all over the worktop and of course it ran all down to the floor.
I had received a phone call last night to say our friend in the Dementia Home was not at all I decided to make another visit today.
I stayed for about an hour, although she didn't really know I was there.
I went straight to Tesco, only intending to pick up two things...but ended up with half a small trolley full!
Just as I had loaded the last item on the conveyor belt, I remembered my purse was still at home!!
I had taken it  out, to get my credit card last night, to book the travel insurance!
I rummaged through my bag...just in case I had packed it...nope...not there....but I did find a purse that I keep church money in...a dear old lady gives me some pennies every so often to buy things for the children's work...and thankfully that had enough in to pay for what I had picked up, and I was able to replenish it when I got home.
However I had also intended going to Lidls, so was going to have to go home first, which was a bit of pain.
So the morning didn't really turn out as I had expected but nothing to complain about really.
So after all the to-ing and fro-ing, as well as getting drenched in the rain bringing the shopping in ( unable to park outside the house  either!) I was really looking forward to a cuppa...given I had forgone one this morning.
As the kettle was boiling I started to put the shopping away...opened a cupboard door..and had cold tea drip all over me!
I had realised when I had spilt the cup earlier...a lot of it had sat on the top of the cupboard door!
In the afternoon I caught up with the ironing...
...made chilli con carne for dinner...
...collected Teen One from college and went straight to church for kids club.
Our Bible story tonight was Gideon.
So to remind the children of the clay pots and torches, we got them to make little pots, just the right size to put a tea light in.
I did of course take some photo's and will add them another time.
Right now I think I am going hit the "publish" button before the laptop dies on me yet again!
Daily Blessing
Sunday January 24, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.

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  1. Oh dear!! Computer problems! frustrating. My pressent husband had problems last week, so his had to be admitted to hospital. My phone has decided to be difficult - I suspect a new battery is needed. None of us escape these problems!!!!xxx