Monday, 11 January 2016

Christmas Is Finally Packed Away!

This morning started very early and not very bright!
For some reason I woke at 4.30am and could not get back to when hubby's alarm went off and I heard Teen Two getting up, I decided to give up and get up too!
The rain has been relentless for weeks now...and when it really rains!
This morning was no different, but when the clouds passed over...for the first time in ages...we had sun streaming into the front was a real pick me up!
From time to time I take part in Market Research and this morning my new product was being delivered...washing up liquid!
 It all started when Teen One was a baby and I trialled disposable nappies...since then I have trialled various cleaning products ( including the brilliant Magic Erasers) food products and personal hygiene products.
There is always a certain amount of paperwork involved...and sometimes I actually get paid for it...this time I get a whole £5! For a housewife unused to a wage packet nowadays...the thrill of earning a fiver is beyond words!!
Grandma had a hospital appointment, so I picked her up at 9.30 and it was almost 1pm before we got home! We were both hungry and in need of a cuppa.
I have to say though, the time passed very quickly. Largely due to the large digital display screen showing a stunning display of local photos.
I asked the receptionist who had taken them and she said one of the consultants.
He has an excellent eye for taking photos and I thought it was a brilliant idea.
I asked that our appreciation for his art work and thoughtfulness be passed on...she said he was always delighted when patients actually noticed them!
As we were at the hospital, we decided to make a quick trip to our friend who broke her ankle at the weekend.
It wasn't official visiting times, so we tried to be discrete and thankfully the nurses turned a blind eye as we caught up on her calamity.
Poor thing is going to be dependant on a lot of people for a while and worse still...not be able to go to money!
Once home and with some leftover soup inside me, I felt revived enough to go and tackle the Christmas decorations.
Since I took them down, they have sat, in chaos, upstairs in the attic bedroom.
Out of sight has been out of mind...but today I thought I really need to get the job done.
So now it is all stashed away in my only real storage space ( if you discount under beds and behind sofas!)
All hidden behind a makeshift curtain I made a while back.
We keep talking about making some proper doors....but that is way down the "to do" list..and besides...they will take away a little bit of room and I need all the space in that tiny gap I can get!
Dinner tonight is "pimped up" leftovers.
There were 3 or three slices of beef left over from yesterday's roast.
I blitzed them to make "mince"....added some green lentils (boiled til soft)...which has doubled the amount of "meat" and then with a small scotch bonnet chopped and added...have stuffed the remaining large red peppers I bought at Lidl's the other week.
I will serve them with rice or noodles...not made my mind up yet!
Finally....whilst Christmas had finally been stashed away.....Teen One's Christmas present has finally arrived!
Just as I was trying to park after the hospital visit...a courier was knocking at my door...phew! That was good timing!
So she is now able to play with her new anything techy, its taking a while to get used to, but hopefully she will enjoy being in the 21st Century at last!
Daily Blessing
Monday January 11, 2016
Today's Promise:
   For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.


  1. Glad teen ones phone has arrived but a little shocked it has taken you until now to properly put away the Christmas decorations - I don't want to appear smug but ours went away on New Years day - within hours of arriving home!!!!!!

  2. It's good to get those jobs ticked off. Only another 50odd weeks to go!!!!!! Hope mother in law got on OK today at the hospital xxx