Thursday, 7 January 2016

An Old Friend!

Today was definitely a "back to normal day!"
It started with the return of our Mother and Toddler group.
It's always good to see the familiar faces return and the tots always seem to grow so much in just a few weeks!
We have a large percentage of boys at the moment, and boy can they make a mess!
Our 87yr old helper made these adorable owls with the tots.
She makes a lot of the crafts herself, but this week she used kits she had bought from Baker Ross
Seeing the owls, reminded me of something I learned from Autumn Watch last year...and owl doesn't say "twit...twooo" ...that familiar sound we hear is infact two say "twit" and the other responding "twooo!"
After the big clear up, it was time to drop the ladies home, then grab a quick bite to eat  and relax before going next door to clean.
Over the years, I have always been the recipient of "The People's Friend" magazine.
In my childhood my grandmother used to have it delivered every week and I used to skim through the pages.
When she passed away I didn't see the magazine for a while, but then
in my twenties an old lady from church used to pass it on to me and in those days, with no internet, any visual aids needed for children's stories at church, had to be hand made.
So, the many pictures from the stories this magazine is famous for, used to come in handy.
It's amazing how a sad lady from the story could become a Hannah weeping over being childless, or a little boy could turn into a young Samuel!
That dear lady  also eventually passed away, but I then started to receive the magazine each week from my other grandmother.
By this time I was into knitting and baking more than I had been previously, so it came in handy for ideas and patterns.
She too eventually passed away and I was once again without the magazine for a while.
In my thirties and forties my dear neighbour next door started to pass them on to me.
With the Teens then much smaller, I didn't really have time to do more than read a page or two, but discovered that some retired friends in America rather liked the I used to save them up and then whenever friends were over, I would give them a bundle to take back!
Over a year ago  my dear neighbour too passed away, so for a short time I was without The Friend....but.....a couple of months ago, our 87yr old lady from church asked me if I was interested in the magazine, before she threw them away.
Well...I couldn't say no!
So, once again, The Friend is back in my life!
I must confess, I have always felt a little too young for most of it's features...
...the ads are most definitely geared to another generation.... is the fashion...
...and I am definitely not in the market for these just yet!
But I do enjoy the various advice/self help pages, and of course the quiz page has been a welcome addition over the years...but something I have never worked out is....
....why their recipes are so, seemingly out of step with my perception of what the older generation eat!
I know for a fact none of the dear ladies I have received this magazine from would ever attempt anything like goats cheese and raspberry truffles...
...or know where to find halloumi in the supermarket....
...or  avocado!
As for Quinoa and Shakshuka...well they would never be able to pronounce it, let alone dare to try and eat it!
It really has been a mystery to me over the years!
For the time being, I  am happy having this faithful old friend in the house again, I guess it reminds me of dear old souls who have  taken me to their hearts and homes, and its gentle pace is reminiscent of a time gone by.
I can see in the not too distant future I will be buying it for myself....and maybe those ads will  be a little more interesting!
Having said that...with the wonder of the internet, The People's Friend is now available of it anyway!
I thought maybe FQ2FF might be interested in submitting something to their story section...I think she has a challenge to have a short story published this year!

Daily Blessing
Thursday January 7, 2016
Today's Promise:
   I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.


  1. So you are definitely back into the swing of things!! Nothing like a group of toddlers to keep you on your toes.!!! People's Friend has been going for so many years, it has always had an 'old fashioned' feel about it. It must work though otherwise it would have folded by now.!! Xx

  2. Now that's a thought - mind you I need to write it first!