Friday, 15 January 2016

An Air Of Excitement!

Whilst it was very cold today...we did at least have glorious sunshine to cheer us up after the never ending rain!
I even managed to get a line or two of washing dry!
The rest of the day was spent shopping and then making desserts ready for a visit to family in Middlesex tomorrow.
I started with the quick and easy White Chocolate Torte which I will decorate with fresh berries when we get there.
Next I tried out a new recipe, from a book I was given at Christmas...Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.
Its basically a biscuit base.....I was supposed to use Bourbon biscuits but Lidl's were out of them ( and Gingers...our favourite!) so I used chocolate digestives instead.
The filling is cream cheese, peanut butter and cream ( a coronary on a plate!)
I decided to use chopped peanut M&M's instead of chopped peanuts...thought it would be more colourful for the kids.
For any kids who don't like peanut butter (Teen Two is one!) I made the good old faithful Oreo Brownies...a basic Brownie recipe with Oreos on top...couldn't be easier!
Dinner was quick and simple too...sweet potatoes, white potatoes,onions and sweet peppers all roasted together with Lidl's sweet chilli sausages.
I boiled up some green lentils and added baby spinach just before serving.
It was very tasty, especially those sweet peppers.
Still on's story at Friday Club was the fall of favourite craft for this
is to get the kids making walls with little bricks made up of pink wafer biscuits cut up.
This is such a simple and cheap craft...the wafers are around 40p and one pack was enough for 18-20 kids.
They had great fun building their walls, although their bricklaying skills will need to improve somewhat if they ever want to build real walls...few of them thought about using icing inbetween the bricks so they nearly all ended up with piles of bricks rather than a wall of bricks!
It's not that we are excited you understand, about our forthcoming holiday to New England...but just for fun we have started off a countdown!
I was glad to have a busy day today as something was a teenyweeny bit worrying.
Teen One has been completing her UCAS application with her tutor at college for a few months now.
The tutor has taken all the students through it step by step and for some time now, it has been out of Teen One's hands and she has been waiting on college taking the next step, confirming her exam grades from previous years etc, doing their report on her etc.
As today was the can imagine my horror when her tutor contacted her a few days back to say "where is your application?"
Somehow it had got lost in cyber it has been a week of me asking "any news...ask your tutor....check with college...."
So it was a huge relief to hear that at 3.30pm her application was finally uploaded on UCAS.
For me, Mrs Early....its too last minute, and I hope that won't go against her....I have no idea how these things work....but now we know its uploaded,  there is an air of excitement waiting to see who she hears from!
Daily Blessing
Friday January 15, 2016
Today's Promise:
   Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.


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  1. Another busy day!!!! Hope you have a lovely time with the family tomorrow, give them our love. Nail biting time re Uni but also exciting. Another chapter of life.!!!! Xx