Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Mini Bedroom Makeover

This morning started very murky and foggy...
...visibility on the motorway was quite limited...
...and our early morning destination...usually easy to spot a mile away...was still hidden in the fog on our arrival.
Our destination...if you didn't manage to see, was Ikea.
We left early so we could treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast.
Teen One and I shared a kids and adults portion between us...two adult portions is just too much for us.
Needless to say, Hubby and Teen Two had no trouble polishing off their own plateful...along with some of ours as well!
The main reason for our visit, was to purchase some bedroom fittings for Teen One.
We chose some uprights, brackets and shelving from the Algot range.
We didn't need anything as big as the above picture and what we did buy was extremely reasonable.
For too many years, Teen One's wardrobe has been a cheap fabric covered children's one.
Her clothes have been cramped in the tiny space, putting them away is a nightmare, as is trying to find anything!
Her desk has been used less and less over the years...with the increase in homework, the dining room table has been her preferred place to it really was just taking up space, in an already small room...and I ought to add...all this is under her bed!
Having the box room, we went for the cabin bed option when she was small, which was great for playing under and then storing things...but as she got bigger we upgraded to a loft bed...also from Ikea...which freed up half of the floor space in the room!
Her chest of drawers has been behind the bed ladder....which was fine other than it meant the drawers could only be opened about 8", which was tricky to say the least, for getting clothes in and out!
So....on our return home.....what was in her wardrobe....
...was dumped on our bed...along with several large boxes of ornaments and a life time of girlie collections!
After Hubby's hard work drilling into our extremely hard brick walls, she finally has a "walk in wardrobe" under her bed...with  her clothes all ordered and so easy to access.
The chest of drawers is also under the bed....also easy to access...
her thick sweaters can now sit on the top shelf...freeing up precious space in another storage unit for some of the paperwork that was in the desk drawers.
She now will be able to get  dressed in a space bigger than a postage stamp, and with her mirror now
more than inches away, she will be able to stand back and see herself from head to foot!
This very small expenditure has really transformed her bedroom, and has been something I have been dreaming of for sometime!
There are still boxes to be gone through and new homes to be found...but its a great start for her.
She was given the option of which bedroom she wanted when Teen Two was old enough for his own room, but she wanted to stay in "her room."
Then a few years later when we were looking at getting a new bed for Teen Two, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity for them to swap bedrooms...but she still wanted "her room."
Finally when we had the loft converted into a lovely big room, with bathroom, we asked if she wanted to move up into it, but she was still happy to stay in "her room" as little as it was!
It really needs re decorating, but that is a job for another day ( even year!) but we are very thankful she is so easy going, and happy with her little life and room.
Hopefully these small changes will make her life a little easier as she moves on into being a proper grown up later this year!
After our cooked breakfast, it was a very late lunch, which was carrot, sweet potato and lentil soup.
I had a bag of frozen sweet potato, which I added to the boiling pan.
My Recycled Teenager next door was alone all day as his son was at a wedding, so I popped in a couple of times...taking some of the soup with me.
He wasn't sure if he wanted any to start with...but I was flattered when after seeing and smelling it, he was eager to try some and really enjoyed it.
It's been a very productive day, and although upstairs looks a bit like a warzone with the contents of Teen One's room dotted about the place,  hopefully tomorrow we can finish it all off.
Daily Blessing
Sunday January 24, 2016
Today's Proverb:
   Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.


  1. A very busy day!! But nevertheless a productive one.looks so much better. Well done. Xx

  2. I agree with J D - a really productive day - well done!