Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Is Finally Coming Together!

Christmas preparations, to me, are rather like a jigsaw puzzle!
For weeks ( even months!) before hand the house begins to fill with presents and my mind is awash with plans.
I get to a certain stage where it can all seem rather overwhelming...and a bit like wading through seems no matter how hard I work, I have nothing to show for it, only worry that I may forget something! pieces of a jigsaw are finally coming together and I am starting to see the picture!
With all the church activities at an end, I have been able to concentrate on family stuff.
My first achievement today, was to finally make the cake!!
I never stick to the same recipe...this year I thought I would try out an old Be-Ro one.
I did swap the ingredients a little, the recipe called for caster sugar, but I opted for dark brown, it also needed ground almonds...which I didn't have in the house, so I used ground rice ( will add a bit of texture) and some almond essence.
Another thing I couldn't find in my cupboard was mixed spice...I ask you....what a basic ingredient to run out of!
I had every other kind of spice you can imagine....but not bog standard mixed spice!
So...improvisation was the name of the game...I mean...mixed spice is just that isn't it...mixed spice!
So I used this pumpkin pie spice  I was sent from the US.
It maybe slightly heavier on the cinnamon than regular mixed spice...but we like cinnamon so that's no hardship.
My only other deviation from the recipe was cherries...
...I  added extra  as Teen One and I are rather partial to our cherries!
I hope to marzipan it tomorrow and then the Teens will decorate it for me.
Snow scenes have been the order of the day since they were toddlers...and I suspect Teen Two's Playmobil figures will make an appearance as usual.
Teen One made a start on her gingerbread house...what with the cake in the oven and the lovely aroma from the gingerbread, the house smelt very festive indeed!
In Morrisons today they were selling tubs of green "Spooky Halloween" frosting...for 10p! It was sitting right next to tubs of "Christmas Green" which looked exactly the same shade... but was priced at £1.50!
I hadn't intended buying any frosting...but for 10p I figured it might come in useful...Teen One was delighted with it and added a Christmas tree and some holly to her house.
Teen Two is still feeling like he has a head cold, had a quiet morning.
I thought he needed to stretch his legs a bit so suggested take time out for some Wii Fit.
The biggest achievement of the day was getting the presents wrapped for the Teens....
I still have family presents to make ( yes, leaving it a bit late aren't I!) but I can finally see the wood from the trees and know there is no need to panic!
The Teens have been updating the Christmas countdown board every day....excitedly telling me "its only ** days till Christmas!"
Up until today it has made my heart sink " what only **days!"
But today I can look at the "4 days til Christmas" and think "yaaayy....4 days to Christmas!!"


  1. Oh dear I still seem to be having a problem publishing my comment. I'll see if this works.

  2. I think this may have worked!! Well done on all your achievements today, sounds like a lovely cosy home and all Christmassy. Xxx

  3. Well done - I always use my trusted Delia recipe. X