Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why Are Things Never Straight Forward?

With the new fridge being delivered today, and no specific time for its arrival, I was housebound for the morning.
I decided to make the most of the time home and get a few jobs out of the way.
One was to complete the obituary for Brown Owl who passed away in July.
I had been waiting for some contributions from various organisations she was involved with, but not having had replies from emails, I decided I would submit it to the local press regardless.
I sent a draft copy to everyone a day or two ago, asking them to let me know any amendments they felt were needed, but not everyone replied,  I don't feel I could have done any more to ensure everyone's comments were included to be honest, so hope everyone is happy with what I have said.
Next I decided to do some dusting in areas that are often neglected...all the high up places.
Half a packet of baby wipes later and a bin full of an embarrassingly dirty wipes, I feel its a good job done...but of course no one will be any the wiser....just you lot!
The fridge finally arrived, the men wouldn't come any further than the hall, so I unpacked it and then "walked" it into the kitchen.
Knowing it had to sit for three hours before I could turn in on, I was eager to get it in situ as soon as possible.
Unfortunately I couldn't get it through the final gap...I am hoping with the help of hubby we can wiggle it through, if not he will have to unscrew the dresser from the wall and move it the required few millimetres!
Having read the instructions ( why did I do that!) they say the fridge must be attached to the wall with the brackets provided, to avoid the fridge much for just replacing the old fridge with the new one!
Why is nothing ever straight forward!
In the meantime, the contents of the fridge has been sitting in the garden, the coolest place I could find!

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  1. If I have learnt one thing as I move through this life its just that - things are never as easy as they seem! The fridge looks good though and I can empathise with the joy that a dirty wipe can bring!