Sunday, 18 October 2015

What Would Jesus Do?

As I was getting ready for Church this morning, Teen One came in and said "Mum...look what I have found in this box of tights!"
It was three twenty pound notes!
Now....I have to admit, it was very exciting....£60 from nowhere! Wow! How often does that happen?
"Random Acts of Kindess" or RAKs, as they are known, are very common these days..although not so common that we have ever been at the receiving end...maybe today was our day!
But then as Teen One and I stood and looked at this unexpected find, we recalled that the tights had infact come from our late next door neighbour. She had given me two or three boxes around this time last year, I gave some to Teen One, and one of these boxes is where the money was found.
Now then...what to do with it? Keep it as a gift? After all, the box had been given to us as a gift...did that not make the entire contents ours? Our neighbour was no longer alive so we couldn't return the money.
Her husband however was alive of course, and knowing from previous experience of helping sort out her belongings, I knew she had a habit of stashing away folded up twenty pound my conclusion was, she had no idea she had money in the box when she gave it to us.
At times like this it's always good to ask yourself "What would Jesus do?"
The answer was, go and explain to next door what we had found and give him the money back.
To say he was astounded is an understatement.
I insisted he take it back, and he wanted to give Teen One  a reward for her honesty, but of course no reward was necessary....she will have a far greater reward one day from her Heavenly Father :)
When I went in with his lunch a few hours later, he insisted on her having a couple of pound coins for her honesty.
Today has been an even busier day than usual. On top of the usual three church services, hubby was preaching out of town in the middle of the afternoon.
It meant I didn't quite have time to clear all the dinner dishes, with the dishwasher loaded, I had to leave the sink looking like this....not what I really wanted to come home to later on!
We had a pleasant drive  to the historic city of Winchester.
It's a beautiful city, but needless to say, today was not the day for sightseeing or shopping.
It's good to be back home again, with half of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and the other half will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. Clearly you did the right thing - although my first thought was that perhaps it was a gift that had gone unnoticed all this time. I once had a teapot given to me for Christmas - or so I thought. Not drinking tea I left the box unopened - only to find a wonderful mug in the box 6 months later - when I needed a tea pot!

    1. Well that was my first thought too, but then remembering how many folded notes I found in the house when helping to sort out, I thought it was most likely to be that.
      Lovely story on the teapot!