Saturday, 24 October 2015

Weekends = Ginger Biccies and Tea In Bed!

Every family has it's own traditions, and one that we inherited from my in-laws is, ginger biccies and a cup of tea in bed!
For us its a weekend treat and when the Teens were small they would snuggle down into bed with us and have a ginger biscuit to dunk in our tea.
Nowadays of course they would much rather lie in ( Teen One especially) although Teen Two has adopted the practice of a cuppa and ginger biccie when he comes downstairs.
Lidl's sell the best and cheapest ginger's at only 25p a pack.

This morning Teen Two helped me make another pan of butternut squash and lentil soup, ready for our lunch.
He isn't keen on onions (that he can see!) and chopping the onion today probably put him off for life!
The fumes really got to him so I think when he is ever cooking for himself, onions will be off the menu!
I did say, they are now available frozen ready chopped, so if he was really desperate to have them, that might be an option.
Teen Two occupied herself using our good old faithful Be-Ro recipe book to make a pineapple upside down cake, for tomorrows family service bring and share lunch.
The Teens let the gerbils explore their play pen
They are such inquisitive and gentle creatures ( sorry if you are rodent phobic!) and bring such a lot of pleasure to the Teens lives and are so easy to look after!
I finished the dreaded button and neck bands, sewed in all those fiddly loose sends, then blocked the front, hopefully it will dry overnight and I can block the back tomorrow.
I feel like making a little beanie hat to match so am going to google for a free pattern tonight.
Hubby has had an industrious day.
The front seat of my car has been stuck in the same position for a couple of years now, it wont move on its runners, making it impossible for the seat to be tipped forward and allow any passengers to get in the back (downside to a three door car!)
It means I have to be constantly getting in and out when making drop offs/pick ups etc.
Mostly its not a problem, but there are times when it would have been so much easier for the passenger to get out instead.
Hubby bought some new ones online, which have been here for a few weeks, but today he managed to replace the old ones.
As usual it wasn't a straight forward job, and took some time, but I am very thankful it has now been done, it will make my  life much easier!
Hubby also managed to tackle a job he has been itching to do for ....probably years!
The garage has been a dumping ground for a couple of decades, but in the last couple of years we have tried to declutter it.
Our neighbour gave us some metal storage shelves, which have been sat in pieces since he gave them to us, as there was no floor space left.
As you can see....hubby is now the proud owner of a set of shelves to store his tool boxes on.
In the place where the shelves now are, once stood a chest freezer.
When it packed in the garage was too full up to attempt removing it, so I had the bright idea of hubby using it as storage.
Seemed a good idea at the time...but what we didn't reckon on was, the top of the freezer would suffer the same fate as every other available worktop space in our would become a dumping ground!
So every time hubby wanted a particular tool out of particular toolbox, he first had to clear the freezer top, then remove all the tool invariably the one he wanted was under all the rest!
So now, he can just walk into the garage and put his hand straight on the tool he wants...well that's the theory anyway!
Our only excursion out of the house today was to buy the gerbils a gym pod.
The previous gerbils really loved this, but we made the mistake of leaving it in their gerbilarium.....and found it chewed to pieces the next day!
So they can only play on it when being supervised, then as soon as the nibbling starts we can take it away.
Dinner tonight is quick and simple.
I saw these sweet potato fries advertised on TV, so made a special trip to Iceland to buy them.
We are not really fans of frozen chips, but have enjoyed sweet potato  fries out in restaurants, and figured they probably use frozen ones.
These ones are really tasty and I will be going back to get some more!
It's been a lovely stay at home day and we are now settling down by the woodburner for a lovely quiet night in.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up re sweet potato fries - I'm off to Iceland later in the week so will pick some up!