Friday, 30 October 2015

Tot's Tv And Tapas!

This morning was spent having a bit of a catch up, sorting piles of paperwork, ironing and stocking the food cupboards etc.
Hubby officially leaves work at lunchtime on Friday's, but typically, he works over that time and today was no exception, but we still had a good few hours to enjoy together.
With both the Teens home for half term, and no Friday club, we wanted to make the most of the free time, so opted to visit a museum which has a Children's TV exhibition.
The building itself is very impressive.
The Tweenies were a daily part of The Teen's life when they were little, so it was very exciting to "meet" the real Fizz!
Pingu was one of Teen Two's favourites and this is an original model
Bob The Builder was also a hot favourite and these also are original models
Kermit is still popular in household so it was a thrill to see him here
Teen One used to love the "Why Bird"...
...and of course Peggy Patch!
Hubby and I had our own childhood memories rekindled...who can forget Humpty...
...and Little Ted!
Watching Pinky and Perky took me right back to being about four years old!
This one is for Uncle Phil!
Next on the agenda was a game of air usual Teen Two won!
Our bank recently offered us the choice of three "Lifestyle Benefits"
a subscription to certain magazines...non of which appealed to us
Six cinema tickets for the year...only enough for one family visit and we already get pretty good deals with the Odeon card...
so we plumped for the Gourmet Society card.
It offers up to 50% off various restaurants, but as one may expect, its not all its cracked up to be.
Many restaurants don't allow it to be used at weekends or special days and the much prized 50% off seems to be few and far between.
However, the card was free so who can look a gift horse in the mouth.
Back in the summer some family were down and sung the praises of a local Tapas Restaurant.
Teen One was eager to give it a go, but up until the Gourmet card arriving, I hadn't given it a thought.
It's not something we have ever tried before...but hot on the heels of our Sushi experience this week, and noticing the restaurant had appeared on my "Local Offers" money back deal with my bank card, I thought it would be fun to give it a go.
The menu recommended choosing at least three dishes each...but we decided to choose one less.
It was all delicious, and such a unique experience.
In all honesty we could have had nine or ten and had plenty.


With the Spanish music playing in the background, the candlelit tables, and of course the excellent company, the ambience of the place was rather lovely.
We had 25% off our bill ( including the drinks) and will get a further15% cash back in our account, so it was a very affordable experience.
To top off a lovely evening, we had a pleasant walk in the almost balmy temperature ,enjoying the lights and scenery.


  1. It sounds like a lovely evening x

  2. Love the dangermouse - but why no Penfold after whom our favourite little doggy is named?