Friday, 2 October 2015

"To The Rescue!"

Before I get on with today's events, I need to wind the clock back to last night.
Hubby was catching up with the rugby, and feeling rather tired, I went upstairs to watch something else in bed.
Around 8.30pm I heard our front door being knocked in earnest.
It was a neighbour two doors away. She had heard banging on her kitchen wall, had realised it was our dear elderly neighbour trying to get attention.
We have a driveway between us, so there is no hope of us hearing him in an emergency sadly.
It appears he had fallen in his living room ( causing mayhem and breaking a side table!) He lay there for an hour or so, then realising he wouldn't be able to get himself up, crawled to the kitchen. He managed to open a cupboard and get a jar of coffee out, then used it to start banging on the wall!
It took a further three hours to be heard.
The sad thing is, I encouraged his son to get a panic button for his dad, which he did, but he had taken it off after having a shower earlier in the day! Had he kept it on, we would have been there in an instant.
When the dear lady the other side eventually heard him and discovered him lying on the floor, he asked her to come and get hubby.
So, we both went ( me complete in my onesie!) to investigate.
Having established he wasn't in pain, other than a sore behind from being on a hard floor for so long, we decided it was possible to help him up without calling for the Paramedics.
He was insistent we didn't call his son, as he had been sick all day.
Having got him safely to his chair, I  made him a cuppa, and stayed with him for an hour to make sure he was ok and then left when he was safe and sound in bed.
This morning I checked on him as usual and he was ok, other than a sore midriff  from trying to get himself up.
I also made sure, having learnt his son was feeling better, that he be told, just in case of repercussions, healthwise.
My day started with me feeling I wished I had someone I could call on to rescue me....when this huge spider came out from nowhere!
I tried to catch it in a tub...but with its long legs dangling over the edge of the unit, I wasn't confident I could catch it... there was nothing for it but to use the suction method!
I wasn't convinced he wasn't going to escape, so stuffed a carrier in the tube to ensure he was contained.
I then deposited him out into the garden, mightily relieved he was out of the house!
I popped into Lidls for some weekend veg etc and was amazed to see their sugar down to 39p!
I had bought some in the summer at Farmfoods at this ridiculously cheap price and assumed it was a special offer...I have no idea why the price has been slashed from over £1 not so long ago, but am stocking up whilst I can!
I treated myself to these wellies. I have been needing a pair for a year or so, but wasn't prepared to pay the £15 average price I kept seeing.
These were £4.99 and also available in red...I nearly bought the red, but opted for this colour instead.
I also bought this little collection of goodies...which can only mean one thing...
White Chocolate Torte!!
I really must re-write this recipe onto one my proper recipe cards, instead of this scrappy piece of paper my friend gave it to me on.
The postman delivered a package today for Teen One.
It was this delightful note book!
It is lined inside, with a text at the bottom of each page.
There was also this lovely keyring.
Not to mention this lovely Orla Keily card!
It was from a couple on holiday from Northern Ireland who had visited our church the other week.
The lady took rather a shine to Teen One, and thought she might like these gifts from thei rdaughter's online shop BittyButtons.
They have lots of lovely Christian craft related gifts, worth a look if you are after something special with a Christian theme.
 This afternoon I busied myself with some baking, a simple sponge for the weekend, as well as some tuna fishcakes for dinner.
Tomorrow we have a friend coming for a few days, so I need to be super organised as we will be out until late tomorrow afternoon on a Uni trip.
The slow cooker is going to do all the work for me tomorrow, a quick chilli I think is on the menu, leaving a quick salad and some rice to be made when we get home.

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  1. White chocolate torte!!!!! I guess that you need to practise so that its perfect by Christmas (wink wink!)