Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thinking Ahead

Last night when Hubby came home from work, not only did he have the weekly Prayer and Bible study meeting to attend...he needed to fix the bracket to the wall so we could finally get the new fridge installed.
With some perishable food having been out for fifteen hours, I sadly had to dispose of some of it...I can't stand food being wasted, but with poultry products, its not worth the risk of  food poisoning.
Finally at 10pm the fridge was up and humming!
It would have been lovely to have the room for one of those American fridges, where cold water and ice is dispensed from the door, but our kitchen just isn't big enough...I have to say, I am very content with our purchase and compared to the last one, its like another room when you open it up....
...and best of all, there is not the continual bending down! All the most used items are on the top two shelves.
The craft table at Mother and Toddlers today was organised by our oldest helper, she is 84 and still an amazing artist! She hand drew and cut out these dear little hedgehogs.
She then told each child how the hedgehogs like to curl up into a ball and snuggle down in the leaves.
We learnt today she has a hedgehog named after her!
She donates to a local hedgehog hospital on a regular basis and they decided she should be honoured for her dedication!
When I came into the living room earlier, I thought something wasn't quite right with the autumn display....
I didn't have to look far to see what was missing and who had it!!
My poor little woolly mouse!
My mother in law, since being widowed, is always thinking ahead and ensuring she has various loose ends tied up.
She has been thinking about the process of appointing a Power of Attorney and the forms we applied for came through this week.
I was surprised to discover a spouse doesn't not have the automatic right to make decisions on behalf of the other spouse, and no doubt the situation is even more complicated by common law "spouses" etc.
If someone does not have the mental capacity to make their own decision, a spouse/family member etc would need to apply to the Court of Protection
A Power of Attorney cannot be registered once someone has lost the mental capacity, and of course that is something that can happen to any of us in an instant through something like a car accident.
The Office of Public Guardian  will send you a free pack, containing all the information you require and two to appoint an Attorney for your financial decisions and another for your medical/health decisions.
It will cost you £110 for each document to be registered. You can have up to four attorneys and also "back up" attorneys.
It has made me think that in the not too distant future I would like to register for this, after all, if I should become in any way incapacitated, I would rather my nearest and dearest made decisions on my behalf instead of a court.
If you uncertain about these matters I would strongly recommend you browse through the links I have provided... I am not an expert by any means, best to base any decisions you might think about making from an official website and not a housewife's blog!
Thinking ahead is never easy, but it's time well spent.

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  1. I agree - its one of those jobs which you should do and then forget about until you have need for it.