Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Warmest Spot In The House

With the sun still out today, but the temperature decidedly chilly, I hoped that today's mowing of the lawn would be the last this year.
I heard last week that grass doesn't grow when the temperature drops below 14 degrees, looking at the weather this morning, we weren't predicted to get that warm, so let's hope that's one less chore for a good few months.
Books are something that are in abundance in our house.
In our bedroom hubby has a bookcase that for too long has been very higgledy piggledy...and very dusty!
This afternoon I set to and took each book off, dusted it down and then reordered them into subject matter...more or less!
It looks so much better...I just hope he didn't have them in a particular order or he will never find anything again!
I had to go to Teen Two's school today for a meeting regarding the transition from his Statement to the new EHC Plan.
It was the first time I had met the new SENCO and was impressed with her efficiency and warm heart.
I will be on tenterhooks for the next few months waiting on the outcome.
To lose vital support at this stage of his education would have a huge impact on him.
We are hoping all our evidencing will show the Local Authority he needs the extra support for his up and coming further education years.
With the cold evenings definitely here, having the woodburner  "dressed" every morning is now part of my "things to do" at the start of each day.
Its an unglamorous task and not my favourite by any means...but in the evening, its bliss to just have to set a match to the paper and see the flames fly.
And it didn't take Crystal too long to work out which was the warmest spot in the house!

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  1. I'm with you on the lawn mowing front - hoping for a last cut on Thursday- weather permitting!