Saturday, 17 October 2015

Surely This Many Is Normal?

We had no specific plans for today, but always like to do something that makes the day memorable in some way for the Teens.
We have a Harvester restaurant close by, but have never had breakfast that was how our day started.
Hubby and Teen Two opted for the looked far too much and I had serious doubts that Teen Two would manage it all....silly me...of course he did! Albeit he felt VERY full after and lunch has been bypassed!
Teen One chose Eggs Benedict.
She couldn't manage both of what's a mum to do but be kind and help her out!
It was very tasty.
Whilst I like all the components of a cooked breakfast...I really don't enjoy them first thing.
I far prefer the continental option.
The menu boasted "American Pancakes" but they were  the size of a scotch pancake and served chilled!
I thought afterwards I could possibly have put them through the toaster, and if we go back I will certainly try it.
They were however very tasty and the greek yogurt was perfect.
It was a bright but chilly start to the day, so eating outside wasn't an option, but our table had this lovely view so it was the next best thing.
Teen One had been looking forward to the release of "Pan" the prequel to Peter Pan, so that was the plan for this afternoon.
I have to confess, it didn't really look like the sort of film I would enjoy ( far prefer animation!)
so I opted to stay home whilst hubby took the Teens.
I had a report to write up ready for Teen Two's EHC plan meeting so used the peacefulness of the house to get that job out of the way.
We have a new great nephew in the family, so I bought a little outfit  for him yesterday.
It has a bit of an autumnal theme and I thought if he has the same colouring as his lovely mum, it would really suit him.
My crafting mojo hasn't made much of an appearance in recent times but I really thought I ought to make the little fellow a handmade item.
With the rest of the family still at the cinema, I nipped out to Hobbycraft to see what they had on offer.
Now we do have a lovely wool shop nearby and I am very faithful to them, but I also wanted to see what crafty items was available for Christmas presents.
I have about 40-50 to buy for on behalf of Friday club at church and it gets more of a headache every year. On top of that, I like to get them as cheap as I can so buying too early can mean missing out on offers a short while later...that really frustrates me!
I couldn't see any patterns I particularly liked ( should have gone to the wool shop!) so will have to find some inspiration from what I have, but I hope the colours are ok...not traditional baby colours, but I saw a lot of this shade in Mothercare so am hoping it will be acceptable!
But as a back up I made the most of the 3 for 2 offer and bought traditional baby blue!
I haven't used this Women's Institute yarn before, it feels lovely and soft, I hope it washes well!
When I went to pay for the yarn, I ended up being the proud owner of yet another loyalty card!
I do like the rewards that all the shops give...but the trouble is....
...I have so many!
Even the assistant in Boots made a comment yesterday about how many I had!
I have even had to resort to using one of Teen One's cast off pencil cases as a purse!
Surely this many is normal though???

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