Thursday, 22 October 2015

Out In The Cold!

Today has been a usual kind of Thursday for me.
Mother and Toddlers in the morning, followed by cleaning next door after lunch.
I did manage an hours sit down in the afternoon, and was in the mood for a spot of knitting. I have finished the main parts now and have the miserable task of picking up stitches for the button band now.
I say miserable, because I can never seem to make it look neat. I may resort to knitting it separately and sewing it in place!
After the usual Thursday evening excursion to Teen One's piano lesson, it was back home to the kitchen for me....some homework for Teen One....
...and Minecraft for Teen Two!
A while ago, a friend gave me a bag of "hand me downs" for Teen One. In amongst the clothes was a pashmina scarf....however I have decided it makes a better autumn table runner!
The title of today's blog is dedicated to Hubby.
For the past four hours he has been stood outside, in his short shirt sleeves, at work whilst several fire engines deal with a chemical spill.
It's almost 7pm and I haven't heard he has been given the all clear to come home...when he does he is going to be cold hungry and tired from being out in the cold for so long!
I guess we can be thankful though that he has a home and hot meal to come home to, not everyone will have that privilege tonight.
"In all things...give thanks"

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  1. Lovely pashmina but bless hubby - this really is not the weather to stand outside in short sleeves. Take care X