Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Needles Are On Fire!

Starting with last night...I made this little beanie hat in just over an hour!
I based it on the this free online pattern using garter stitch in place of rib and adding the same stripe pattern I used for the baby jacket.
I used 4mm needles and double knitting yarn, it looks the perfect size for 3-6mths.
It's now being blocked with the back of the jacket.
My day started with making some Elijah Bread for today's family service lunch....
...and I made an extra batch for our breakfast, using my current favourite flavour combo of blackberries and sunflower seeds.....fresh from the oven it was scrummy!
The next few hours were hectic, with getting food ready for lunch, cooking it at church and then the big clean up!
This afternoon was therefore very leisurely!
We spent the afternoon by the fire, the Teens doing their own thing, hubby preparing for preaching tonight, and me...I started a new pullover for the new baby in the family....spurred on by the relative speed with which I did the last two items!
I only cast this on today and the back is almost finished, my needles are on fire!
For tea we had cheesy tortilla's.
They are really quick and easy and very tasty.
I tried out this new flavour from Morrisons....Mediterranean Style.
They were a perfect combination with the cheese.
Step One:
Place the tortilla in a dry pan and add cheese to one side
Step Two
Fold the tortilla up and turn over when lightly browned
Two tortillas can be done at the same time.
They are delicious hot or cold.

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