Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lunch Japanese Style!

Today started with a trip to the dentist for Teen Two.
He needed a filling replacing.
I had thought, well it does at least mean he gets out of going to revision in the holiday...but seeing the dread and pain he then went through, I think school was probably the preferable place to be!
Thankfully he has a lovely dentist who does all she can to ensure her patients are pain free and confident with her. A second lot of anaesthetic did the job and the pain was no more.
After the dentist, it was something we had been looking forward to...visiting one of our favourite shopping centres...
...I never tire of admiring these tactile bronze animal sculptures they have around the place..
...but today it was even better as they had real animals there!
 Our favourite farm had their mobile team out for the day.
It meant Teen Two could indulge in his passion for small animals...and all for free!
The kids were so sweet, snuggled down in the straw.
These sleeping piglets didn't seem to mind the attention being paid to them.
The stars of the day of course were the teeny chicks...Teen Two could spend all day cuddling these.
Teen One was enjoying it too..until hers pooped on her! She gave it back pretty quickly after that!
For some time, Teen One has been eager to try out a Sushi restaurant.
We  have bought sushi from the supermarket, but never braved it in an actual restaurant.
Today all that changed!
We even got to sit in front of the chefs preparing their works of art!
It was quite something to see the food going round and round before our eyes.
I decided the best thing was to start with the cheapest dishes....green....which was £2.
I don't know what this first dish was...but we all enjoyed it!
Teen One chose this salad, which was very refreshing
Teen Two really loved these Inari Pockets.
He thoroughly enjoyed this custard filled sponge, with a raspberry couli.
Teen One opted for fruit
It was a unique experience for us and one that Teen Two especially enjoyed...which really surprised me!
He was so taken with the place he wants to go there for his birthday.
I am not sure his dad is going to share the same enthusiasm for the place!
We had about 8 little dishes between us and the bill came to £17.
It's not a "value for money" place as far as being full up is concerned, but when you consider everything is fresh, freshly made and hand made, that's where the cost is.
I did come away feeling healthy I have to say ( is that because I was still a little peckish?) and thought our calorie intake must have been pretty low, so that's got to be a plus hasn't it!



  1. You certainly all look like you're having fun - but I don't get sushi and never have done!

    1. Its surprisingly tasty...and contrary to popular belief not all the meat/fish is raw. We didn't go for anything raw it has to be said! Don't fancy that at all!